RHOBH Recap: Brandi Glanville Continues Her Drunk Antics; And Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump For ‘Strategizing!’


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We start this episode right where we left off last week… the ugly Palm Springs dinner. Brandi turns into a drunk therapist and tells Kyle that SHE’S the one who first is the really sweet person, who then turns into an asshole. Um, I think she was describing herself. Kyle is shocked about what Brandi is saying and Lisa tries butting in and telling her to stop, to which Brandi excuses her behavior with a, “If you f**k with my friends, then you f**k with me.” Yolanda is loving every minute of Brandi being a drunk slob and defending her. She then even tries to tell Kyle with the most mature voice, “I know you have bigger fish to fry,” than this. I didn’t know whether she was being sincere, or taking another dig that her husband was being accused by magazines of cheating. Yolanda excuses herself to the ladies’ room, and Brandi then tries to tell Kyle that she’s her friend and she can say plenty of hurtful stuff to her if she wanted to. Brandi is such an embarrassment, like I can’t even with her, and it’s only been five minutes. I feel bad because you can tell Kyle is really hurt.

Lisa tries to tell Brandi to let it go ’cause she’s drunk and is just talking to pick a fight with no one, but of course, Brandi doesn’t get anyone not encouraging her to be a mean girl. Kyle leaves and breaks down. Yolanda is there to comfort her. It really is a nice moment. I couldn’t imagine being Kyle and being there all by myself and feeling like you are just being picked on. I’m kind of annoyed that Kim never jumped in and defended her sister. I wouldn’t be able to watch my friend getting attacked like that, let alone a sibling. Lisa comes to Kyle to try and make things better, by slamming the door in Kim’s face to talk to Kyle alone. Kim is tired of it and snaps at Lisa for “dismissing” her all the time, especially that night. Lisa just walks around and doesn’t wanna deal with it. Now Yolanda and Kim are making up, and Brandi wants to remind Kim that she should feel lucky about that, because you know Yolanda is some kind of Queen.

Kim tries to acknowledge how she snapped at Lisa and Lisa accepts it, and is over it. The topic then turns to skinny dipping, and Kim is teasing Brandi and Carlton about their great friendship. LOL Carlton says she doesn’t care that Brandi is drunk because it is harmless fun. Joyce is FINALLY in the pool, and guess what? She looks just as beautiful as she did when they were trying to force her to get in. You know when they were saying she didn’t wanna ruin her hair and makeup? Natural beauty at its finest! Carlton and Brandi remind me of those desperate college girls who make out just to try and get attention and be cool. Kyle is naked in the pool, and she’s having fun with Joyce and making fun of Kim’s CVS slippers. LOL

Brandi is still drinking and Lisa takes the bottle away from her. Lisa is trying to joke with Brandi and tell her that her and Yolanda were trying to spy. To which Brandi says, “I didn’t want you to strategize anymore.” And Brandi looks like a PYSCHO when she’s looking into Lisa’s eyes. I think the one with the strategy is Brandi. I don’t know what’s going to come out, but as of right now, Lisa looks equally shocked and scared by what Brandi is saying. It’s the next day and Brandi is sober talking to Yolanda making fun of Joyce’s name again, calling her “Hoycita.” Brandi doesn’t want her to leave. Lisa admits to Brandi that she does treat her like a child sometimes, and Brandi admits she acts like one.

Joyce has arranged a catered lunch for the ladies at the top of the mountain. The ladies are talking and Carlton reveals that she likes the movie, “Escape to Witch Mountain,” and she’s so excited to learn that Kim was in the movie. Yolanda makes the comment about hoping to see animals, and Lisa quietly tells her, “There’s enough animals here.” LOL I think the only animal is Brandi-saurus. Kim and Carlton are feeding the squirrels. You know Kim really wanted to put one in her purse. Kim and Lisa are talking again, and Brandi for some reason asks if Kim wants to move in with Lisa? Okay Chelsea Handler. Kim turned it into a real joke and you can tell Brandi was annoyed. Yolanda is letting the ladies know that she’s going to have a dinner for all the ladies to come to.

Kim is praying by the trash can and the ladies are making fun of her. I can’t help at the jokes, cause she literally could have prayed anywhere, but to each his own. Carlton sits Brandi down to pretty much tell her she didn’t like her saying anything about their kiss they had in a jacuzzi. Carlton looks annoyed, but she’s probably more attracted to Brandi, than annoyed with her. Joyce is still being a lovely host, and is treating Brandi like nothing happens. She’s showing her character right now, by how mature she is. I’m liking her more and more each episode. Brandi leaves to call her kids and finds out bad news. Her house was broken into, and her dog Chica is missing. The ladies are being supportive, and trying to offer her comforting words. Joyce says she knows what it feels like, and BAM, Brandi takes the opportunity to try and “prove” Joyce is a bad person. Like really Brandi? That’s the best you got? How many times when someone passes, and someone says, “I know how you feel.” Doesn’t mean they are trying to steal your “moment” they are trying to comfort you.

Brandi is a mess and crying. Carlton and Brandi are both leaving home together. I feel bad for Joyce. Her Palm Springs weekend ended up being all about Brandi. Next week Brandisaurus’ drunk antics continue.

Brandi tried warning everyone before the season started that Joyce was using her for a storyline, and it seems like it is the other way around. What do you guys think? How are you feeling about some of the ladies after this episode? Let’s discuss!

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