Kim Richards Calls Out Yolanda Foster On WWHL; And Says Lisa Vanderpump Likes To Dismiss People!


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Watch What Happens Live was definitely all about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night! From guest, Kyle Richards, to Brandi Glanville calling in, and of course, the best gem of them all — A phone call from Kim Richards! LOL Kim called into the after show to discuss her opinions about Monday night’s episode, and when Andy Cohen asked Kim what she wanted to say about co-star, Yolanda Foster, Kim had this to say

“I honestly felt like, you know for someone to sit there and tell somebody how to run their weekend — You know Joyce had that weekend planned out really nicely, and she’s telling her you know, ‘Girlfriend, this is the way you should do it.'”

Kim then rambled on, but she gets to her point, I promise. LOL (I love her.) She continues,

“And you know, I’ve thrown really many of weekends, where I’ve actually flown people to Hawaii, I had many activities, set up. People could lay out by the pool, you could go fishing, you could go shopping. Look, I’m not your babysitter man, you know. I’m not your mommy, and you know, grow up. You know. People can do whatever they want, and you know it’s up to them to decided what they want to do.”

“I don’t know why she cared so much about whether Joyce got in the pool or not,” Kyle added.

Kim says,

“That’s what I couldn’t figure out, why was it so important for everybody to make sure that Joyce got in the damn pool. It continued on at the dinner table. What really bothered me the most watching the episode, sitting back and watching it, because when I was in it I had so much anxiety I was almost frozen, honestly, when you know, it all came down and it was Jacqueline, and Hoce, and Joyce, and I know Brandi wasn’t feeling her hundred percent self. When it came right down to it and Kyle kinda shook her head, you know after Lisa and I had our little moment, and she was like ‘Kim you know really.’ ‘Okay Lisa dismiss me again.'” “And you know anytime anybody doesn’t say something Lisa likes, she’ll dismiss you. Um, and then, Yolanda looks over the table and was like ‘Kyle, is there a problem?'”

“I’m sorry, Yolanda is there not a problem here? Has there not been a problem all day, and all night tonight? And then Yolanda has to turn it right back on herself. You know like it’s all about Yolanda again. This is not about you girlfriend. I’m sorry. Let’s make it all about you Yolanda. Let’s make it all about you, girlfriend. You know what I’m saying?”

The best part of when Kim was talking, is seeing Andy not being able to cut her off, until it came time to talk about luggage. What did you think of what Kim had to say? Do you agree with her about how the ladies were acting?

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