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RHOA Recap: Kandi’s Family Admit They Don’t Condone Her Engagement While Mama Joyce Continues To Be Out Of Line!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to impress this season. Mama Joyce is still not giving up on being negative regarding her daughter Kandi and Todd’s relationship. Kandi’s mother is convinced Todd had a relationship with Kandi’s friend Carmen behind Kandi’s back. Mama Joyce used to like Carmen until she was hired by Kandi and Mama Joyce speculated that Carmen was using Kandi. I’m starting to think the only person using Kandi is her mama! Kandi believes her mom doesn’t want her to get close to anyone and only to her.

NeNe and Gregg visit an old friend from high school and NeNe is excited to ask the man who is married if he ever messed with Kandi and Phaedra. NeNe also points out how Phaedra had a reputation of being the “Head Doctor” in high school which I found was inappropriate to say just because Phaedra is grown now and has children. The man reveals he did date Kandi while he never got into anything with Phaedra.

Phaedra Parks is still upset with her husband Apollo after returning home from a small trip to Alabama. And I mean do you blame her? Phaedra’s annoyed that Apollo has still yet to admit he was part of inappropriately texting Kenya. Listen I don’t like Kenya but it takes two and Apollo should have NOT been texting Kenya at all. The two begin arguing and Apollo finally realizes he needs to shut his face up and apologize.

Kandi sets up a dance work out for the ladies and NeNe decides to announce she wants to have another trip with all the ladies. Everyone seems on board but it’s clear it’s going to be loaded with drama.

Cynthia decides to speak to Noelle’s father Leon about their daughter who is 13 and currently dating someone. They think it’s the right time to talk about sex with their daughter while I think it’s just too early.

Back to Kenya she is talking about wanting children. Can you imagine Kenya as a mother? That’s just scary to think about. A little Kenya clone frightens the hell out of me!

It’s Kandi’s dress fitting and both Carmen and her mother are invited. Kandi’s mother isn’t there yet while Carmen is bad mouthing Joyce because of the “rumors” she is spreading. Mama Joyce arrives and is being negative as usual. How can a mother be so negative when they are at their daughters dress fitting? Mama Joyce is so out of line yet again. Mama Joyce continues to say she just wants Kandi marrying someone else. Get over it, Joyce! You’re not going to get your way! She then says how Carmen knows Todd so she should understand where Joyce is coming from which obviously annoyed Carmen. An argument occurs and Kandi is no longer excited to try on her wedding dresses. Carmen leaves because she has had enough while Kandi tries on another dress and when she comes out, Kandi’s aunts begin to say they do not want Kandi marrying Todd. Kandi has had enough. Kandi then goes out to join Carmen and Carmen explains that Kandi needs to draw the line with her mother.

Honestly, if I was Kandi I would have a hard time speaking to my mother because she obviously does not have the best interest out for me and won’t stop at anything. Kandi heard what she had to had to say so Joyce should be happy that Kandi allows Joyce to continue to be so negative. Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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