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Yolanda Foster Says Lisa Vanderpump Will Never Be Nominated For A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

yolanda and david

Last night’s episode was such a great moment for Yolanda and her family. Not only did we get to see her relationship with her mother and brother, but we also got to see her very talented husband, David Foster, receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yolanda took to her blog to explain how hard her husband works to stay relevant in the music industry, and even explains that Lisa Vanderpump will not be considered for a star! Check it out

Sorry Lisa, but neither Giggy, you, or I will ever be considered for a star or nominated for being a Beverly Hills housewife. With all kidding aside though, I actually might be wrong about that. I guess these days, wannabes become famous for all kinds of crazy things. But at the end of the day we are all a bunch of clowns running around to make a living. It’s sad that people forget sometimes that there is a whole legitimate world of artists and actors out there that work their entire life, every day on perfecting their craft, but yet don’t get any acknowledgement for their extraordinary commitment to their profession.

Some might be working on being famous but my husband still works seven days a week to stay relevant in the music industry and trump his own lifetime achievements. He is always humble and understated, which is a quality I truly admire and respect in him everyday.

OK, sorry enough about my love, back to the episode. . .It’s hard to really know what goes on in Beverly Hills behind all the smoke and mirrors and lives full of pretend, but trust me when I say we all struggle with all the same issues you do.

Kyle and Mauricio seem great and are dealing with their crisis close to their beautiful family. It was nice to see the Richards sisters together and united to celebrate Kimberly’s graduation. She looked stunning and what a great accomplishment for her. It’s such a beautiful moment and milestone for us mommies to experience.

Nice to see some family time at the Vanderpumps. I was surprised by the lack of support for Pandora’s husband Jason’s possible move to NY. Despite the distance, wouldn’t they want their daughter to have a husband that is self-sufficient and out in the world making a name for himself? Selfishly, we all want our children to stay close but that’s just not reality. Expecting a guy with such great education to stay around to sell toilet paper just to keep their daughter close to home seems like a sign of entitlement. . .Maybe a little presumptuous if you ask me.

Thoughts on what Yolanda had to say? Do you agree with what she had to say?

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