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We begin tonight’s episode at Yolanda’s house, where she is making sandwiches for her mother and brother who are visiting from Holland. Yolanda has such a great relationship with her family, especially with her brother, who by the way is hilarious! Over at Brandi’s she is cleaning up dog mess. Brandi’s house seriously looks like she got robbed. LOL I’m guessing she was still moving in? Brandi is still not speaking with her dad, and you can tell beneath her laugh, it’s really hurting her. Kyle is in her kitchen with Portia giving us REAL HOUSEWIFE realness, boxers and all, and how cute is Portia?

Mauricio gets home and he and Kyle then go to their bedroom, so Kyle can wash up and also discuss what Lisa has been saying about the cheating rumors. Kyle explains that she doesn’t like Lisa constantly bringing it up since it serves no purpose. Mauricio thinks the ladies are just using this rumor to hurt Kyle. Over at Lisa’s, she is talking to Ken about the lunch the ladies had. Lisa says it’s horrible what has happened to Kyle but also says she doesn’t know whether Mauricio cheated or not. Maybe you shouldn’t say anything then Lisa?

Kyle doesn’t believe Lisa is being sincere since it took two months for her to reach out and she only reached out when her and Brandi’s names started getting brought up in the press. Ken is assuring Lisa that without a doubt Mauricio didn’t cheat, and you can tell Lisa is annoyed that he is saying that. It’s like Lisa really wants the rumors to be true. Carlton is taking her cat Midnight to an acupuncture doctor, (and yes, it’s a BLACK cat). Kyle is taking Joyce to the woman Carina who does her facials. She shares she only lets people she really likes in on her little face fairy. Kyle’s Kool Klub. LOL Joyce and Lisa are talking about Lisa and Joyce says she thinks that Lisa should be wise since she’s old, which makes Kyle feels sorry for Joyce ’cause she says it takes awhile to know who Lisa really is. Kyle and Joyce have a real, sweet friendship. They seems to have a lot of fun together.

Kim is with her daughter shopping for her graduation dress, and all I can focus on is how Kim drives a Bentley. Kyle is with her daughters also, and she is scolding them for not picking up after their dog, Bambi Umansky. Kyle is talking with her daughter about going to college close to home. Kyle and Kim both share with their daughters the same regret for not attending college. It’s really sad to see. Kim is watching her daughter try on different dresses, she clearly has different taste than her daughter, it happens Kim. Teen girls are a difficult breed. Lisa is making dinner for her family. The subject changes to moving, and Pandora’s husband Jason announces that he’s been interviewing with a company in New York. Lisa thinks he can’t move, especially since she and Ken moved to California to be closer to Pandora in the first place. Lisa is being incredibly selfish. What about her son Max? She has no problem being away from him?

Kim is getting her daughter ready for her graduation. If there’s one thing the Richards sisters do right, it’s that they make some gorgeous kids! Yolanda’s husband, David Foster, is receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. About time! He really deserves this honor, and I am happy for he and Yolanda. There are so many celebrities, and family and friends there to support David. Kim and Kyle’s sister, Kathy, shows up to get ready for the graduation, and I’m really distracted by the purse she is carrying, only because it looks to small for even Portia to carry. David is making his speech before he accepts his star, Yolanda is beaming with joy, especially since he includes her children in it.

Kim’s daughter is officially graduating, and Kim talking about her seriously made me ugly cry. Time flies when you are a mom, and you can tell Kim’s kids are her absolute life. Brandi says she doesn’t think any of the BH Housewives have any chance of getting a star on the walk of fame, since they don’t have that much talent. Lisa thinks otherwise, well, she thinks she wouldn’t qualify to get one, but probably her dog Giggy would. Brandi and Lisa are shopping for bikinis, for their trip to Palm Springs. Lisa says she was annoyed with Joyce, and Brandi says her friend had already told her Joyce was a “shit stirrer,” so she wasn’t surprised. Brandi then tells Lisa that she made out with Carlton in the hot tub. Lisa is trying to wrap her head around them kissing. Her face is priceless. Next week we see “I’m Brandi And I Don’t Have A Drinking Problem Glanville,” drunk and not being so nice. Stay tuned.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Lisa was being sincere about the cheating rumors? Let’s discuss

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