RHOBH Recap: The Calm Before The Storm



Hello again! It seems this episode was the appetizer as to what’s to come this season! We start this week’s episode with Brandi and Carlton shopping at a lingerie store. They both have amazing bodies, and minus the witch practice, are a lot alike. Carlton is giving Brandi a helpful I guess you would say, “spell” LOL that will help Brandi find the right man. I hope it works. Carlton and Brandi seem have just a natural bond. Kim is getting some pointers from the instructor at Cirque School, which looks so exhausting! Kyle and her husband Mauricio are on a double date lunch, with Joyce and her husband Michael. Joyce always looks like a beauty queen. It’s not fair. The ladies then get on the subject of the rumors the ladies were talking about at Carlton’s lunch, and Mauricio even offers to take a lie detector test. Kyle just can’t get over how people could make up such horrible lies and try to ruin a family.

We are now at Yolanda’s beautiful home, and she is helping her daughter, Gigi, pack for a job she is going to in London. Yolanda has such a wonderful relationship with her daughters. It’s so sweet to watch. Ken is surprising Lisa with a new dog, and it is such a beautiful moment. The dog is so gorgeous, and I am obsessed with Lisa’s laid back look! LOL It is now time for the ladies to participate at Cirque School. Brandi and Yolanda are the first to show up and Kim greets them both. I like how even though Kim and Yolanda had their argument, they can still greet each other. Brandi decides to take the conversation to drama and inform Kim and that she is upset with Kyle. Brandi explains that she gave Kyle a heads up about Mauricio cheating, and she is upset that the paparazzi called her a bully in front of her kids. Kim isn’t having it and tells the girls it’s time to put it aside today and have fun and bond. Good for Kim. It wasn’t the day for drama.

Joyce the beauty queen shows up, as do the rest of the ladies. Kim is making a speech to all the ladies about putting the all the drama aside and supporting each other. Yolanda cuts Kim’s speech short and Kim takes offense to it and calls her out on it. Kyle doesn’t appreciate the ladies interrupting her sister, and since Brandi is already annoyed she can’t start drama she sticks up for Yolanda’s behavior. The instructor is showing the ladies what they are gonna be doing, and Brandi is a pro! The are now learning how to use the fabric and Kyle is hilarious. Brandi and Lisa are off to the side talking and Brandi is telling Lisa how she doesn’t like being called a “bully.” Carlton and Yolanda are standing there as well, agreeing with Brandi. Brandi is acting like she deserves a Purple Heart for repeating something that was already out for a long time.

Kyle is trying to explain to Brandi that she didn’t say that, and it isn’t getting through Brandi’s head that Kyle didn’t say that, but Brandi chooses not to believe it. Sorry Brandi, you are wrong. A friend being sincere would bring that up OFF camera in private, not at a lunch with new friends. It’s now time for one of the trust exercises. Brandi says it is not a trustworthy group, but decides to participate anyways. Yolanda is leaving and tells Kim how well-behaved she was. Kim lets her know she did her best. LOL The energy is worse than when the ladies first arrived and you can see it on their faces.

Yolanda is sending her daughters off to prom and they look gorgeous. All the ladies, minus Yolanda, are having lunch, and you can see two groups of friends have been formed. Kyle asks Kim how what she said to Yolanda, and goes on to say how awkward it was. Carlton intervenes and says she doesn’t think Yolanda was being mean or rude, and Lisa agrees it was direct. You can tell Brandi is looking for a fight, and she brings up the “bully” issue again. Brandi doesn’t want to believe that Kyle didn’t have anything to do with her getting called a bully and she tells Kyle it had to come from her “camp.” Kyle is annoyed that Brandi is defending the paparazzi’s word over hers, and Brandi just can’t let it go and even says how it sucks that now her kids think she is a bully.

Brandi is really reaching with this argument. Lisa jumps in and tries telling Kyle what she would do. Kyle can’t believe that the ladies have the nerve to make this situation about her, and Brandi thinks that Kyle needs to send a tweet to discredit the bully comment. Kyle calls out Brandi for her timing of bringing the rumors out at lunch, and Brandi can’t see where she is wrong, she still thinks that she was doing this noble act and should be rewarded for it. Joyce takes Lisa to the side and tells her how rude she was to her at Carlton’s lunch. Joyce explains that she was just trying to fix Lisa’s hair cause it was out of place, and Lisa dismissed her in a rude way. You can tell that Lisa wants to pull her own hair out in this discussion, she quickly replies with, “Is that your point?” Joyce wanted to say it to Lisa’s face since the girls had already been talking about it. Lisa is over it and starts walking away.

Lisa thinks Joyce is just trying to create an issue. Joyce calls out Brandi and Yolanda in her interview and says they both agreed and said that Lisa can give criticism, but doesn’t know how to take it. Joyce then repeats it at lunch and Brandi denies it. Brandi said she tried helping Joyce and said that it is now a lesson learned. Carlton calls Joyce dramatic and is annoyed. The episode ends with Joyce telling the ladies she is a bitch when she is on her period, and Brandi chimes in that she must be on her period now… There is a storm coming in Beverly Hills y’all! See you next week!

I don’t like how Brandi says whatever she wants about people and expects an “I’m sorry” to cover her through it all, but a paparazzi says “bully” and she is going crazy and can’t let it go. Kyle even tried talking to her and clearing the air, but Brandi still wanted to fight. I don’t get that. Anyways, what’d you think of tonight’s episode? And whose side are you on? Let’s discuss!

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