GG Golnesa Shares One Of Her Cast Mates Was Secretly Recorded So Their True Colors Could Be Exposed!


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GG is definitely someone who shows her true colors no matter what, but it seems there is another cast member who does the same thing, only us viewers don’t know about it! GG stopped by RHOBH Brandi Glanville’s podcast show, to talk about her Shahs cast and season, and she also revealed that their is a secret recording of one of the Shahs being themselves, instead of the fake person they portray on camera! But first, Brandi lets GG know, that she has anger issues when it comes to her friend MJ! Check out what GG and Brandi had to say

Talking about anger issues, Brandi says she doesn’t think she has them, but does when it comes to MJ, she says,

“I do have one with your co-star MJ.” “She ran into a friend of mine and was incredibly mean to him, she didn’t realize that he actually worked for the show, that was putting on her show, um, but she was just like, he said “horrible,” and bossy, and dismissive.”

Brandi then asked GG the question of whether or not she finds that her cast members act different when they are not filming.

GG said,

“I would have to say, I mean I’m going to be completely honest, I love MJ to death and I would really be there to have her back for anything, but there are a lot of our cast members that have changed with this small bit of fame, we’re only three seasons in, we’re not any kind of Angelina Jolie, to have that attitude, and on top of that when you — the more famous you become, the more humble you should become, because people look up to you so, I mean that’s unfortunate to hear, and um, I don’t, I mean I can’t make any justifications for.”

On the secret Shahs cast member who was recorded,

“You know what’s funny, is one of my cast members, I’m not gonna name names ’cause if it does air, I, I mean I’m praying it’ll air, um, there were no cameras yet at the scene, we were all together the whole cast was sitting around and, the true sides, like you said to these casts are when those cameras aren’t there, and someone just started going crazy rude on me, and I become very quiet first, I go numb, I go really numb, and one of the cast members picked up the camera phone, and was filming it the whole time to show to the world hopefully, like this is what it really is like, this person’s true colors is coming down. “Well they wanted to show this person’s true colors, cause this person always plays like this good person, I keep wanting to say…”

Hmmm…I’m VERY curious who it was that they recorded. Asa maybe? I’m just trying to think of someone that is usually calm, going crazy. Thoughts on what both Brandi and GG had to say? Which Shah do you think was the one that went crazy?

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