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Phaedra Parks Reveals She Would Love To Try Teresa Giudice’s Cookbooks, But Says Kathy Wakile’s Cannoli Kit Would Be Useless For Her!

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Everybody knows, that when you ask Phaedra Parks for her opinion on something, she is going to give you an honest answer, which is what I love about her. LOL She sat down with The Dish to talk about her new book, “Secrets of a Southern Belle,” but of course, the topic then moved on to other housewives who have also came out with their own books! Check out what Phaedra had to say about some of Bravo’s Housewife authors!

The Dish: Other Housewives, like Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, to name a few, have also written books. Have you checked any of them out?
Phaedra: I know Teresa’s books all deal with cooking. I haven’t read Teresa’s books, but I do love to cook, so if she would send me one I’m sure I would enjoy it. But I try to support other women. Gretchen and I are very close. The Wakiles and I are extremely close and Kathy has her cannoli line—and I’ve definitely tried those cannolis and they are magnificent. But I don’t have the kit, because I don’t know if it’s a very southern fare to have for dessert. Unfortunately down south we like everything with a pound of butter. We like cakes and pies. We don’t really do cannolis that much, so I probably wouldn’t get much use from the kit, but it’s a wonderful treat.

I think it’s very honest and nice that despite having a different taste in food choices and products, that Phaedra still supports the other ladies’ business ventures. That’s how it should be. They should all want to see each other be successful, regardless if they personally like the product or not. Thoughts on what Phaedra had to say?

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