Dina Manzo Says She Will Make Up With Caroline Manzo Off Camera Plus Reveals The Status Of Her Separation From Tommy Manzo!


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Dina Manzo officially confirmed she will be returning to season six of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and recently spoke to North Jersey about her relationship with Caroline Manzo and what’s going on with her husband Tommy Manzo as well as returning. As most of you know, Caroline and her sister Dina haven’t spoken in years but Dina says in time she will fix things with her off camera. Dina spoke about Caroline saying,

“All I could say is that everybody’s on their journey in life, and it doesn’t mean anyone is any better than anybody else, but we’re in different places. So, sometimes it’s better to keep your distance while you’re working through some stuff. I’m not gonna lie. I think this world of, I don’t want to call it entertainment, but the fame of it all has affected both of us in different ways. So, I’m thinking, 15 minutes come and go. And I understand we may be stretching it here and there. She just did her own pilot and I may be going back to ‘RHONJ.’ But at the end of the day, after all that is done, we’re gonna see through it all. I love my family. I always will. There’s distance right now, and we’ll fix that off camera.

After the interview, Dina Manzo confirmed via twitter that she will be returning adding,

“So yeah, it’s most likely that I am coming back and the shooting will probably begin right away. I know it won’t be all smooth sailing. But the timing just feels right.”

As for her daughter Lex? Dina says,

“She’s not that 12-year-old that was heavily influenced. I didn’t want her to feel that that was a normal life at that point. Now, she’s going off on her own. And she’s excited about being on RHONJ, too, because she feels she has a message for her peers as well. What I want to do is show them that you can be glamorous and spiritual, so they don’t give up the idea of spirituality because they feel like they have to give up the shoes and the fancy cars. I want to be an example to them that you can have both and that’s OK. I think it’s a really strong message for young girls to say that you don’t have to be all just Kim Kardashian glamour and you don’t have to be just all Gandhi. There is an in-between.”

Dina Manzo even opened up about her separation from hubby Tommy Manzo, Dina says,

“We still live together. I announced my separation a year ago, but Tommy and I have a very special love for each other that will never go away. So, we live in the same house. We love each other. We respect each other. And that’s the way it’s gonna stay whether we get divorced or whether we stay together. I think it’s a really nice place to be with each other. We’re just seeing how things go right now. But there’s always love and respect between us.”

I still cannot believe Dina is returning but I am excited to see what she will bring. I am surprised she and Tommy live together. Wonder if we’ll see him on the Real Housewives? As for Caroline and her relationship? I know that when all this TV stuff is over, they’ll be just fine. Thoughts on what Dina had to say?

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