Marysol Patton The Real Housewives of Miami - RHOM

Are We Going To See Another Wedding On RHOM?!


This season The Real Housewives of Miami has been all about the weddings! Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all about the ratings, which is leaving some to wonder if the show will even return, but if it does, there might be more wedding bells! Marysol Patton appeared on WWHL Monday night and revealed to Andy Cohen that Mama Elsa, was actually the one who received the proposal!

Marysol shared with Andy:

“My father had surgery and he’s in the hospital and um, my uncle took my mom to see my father in a wheelchair while he was having therapy in the hospital, and he asked my mom to get married again, he proposed to her again.” And when Andy asked Marysol what Mama Elsa’s answer was, she said, “She’s thinking about it.” HAHA

I really, really, reallllllly, hope RHOM comes back for a fourth season, or at least Mama Elsa says ‘YES,’ to this proposal, ’cause I would totally watch a season long of her just trying to plan a wedding! LOL I’ve definitely missed seeing her this season, so for her to have a wedding special would just absolutely make up for it! What do you guys think? Would you want to see Mama Elsa get married?

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