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RHOM Recap: Lisa’s Peacemaking Works, But Not Without Getting Her Into Trouble First!


On this week’s Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna was preparing for her upcoming wedding day. Since her sister lives in Pennsylvania and Romain is always working, she is freaking out because of all the last minute stress. Where are her bridesmaids? Oh yeah, Lisa goes to gossip with Alexia and Adriana. Lisa discusses the Texas trip with them, and reveals that Lea is very much the black sheep in the family. Adriana wonders why she was never taken to Texas while she and Lea were friends!

The girls, minus Adriana, attend Lea’s handbag launch party. It’s all fine and dandy until Lisa decides to be “peacemaker” and pisses Lea off. She refuses to make up with Adriana, or at least won’t do it until she feels the time is right. Lisa continues to be pushy and then tells Joanna that she might have ticked Lea off. Joanna goes from zero to sixty and goes off on Joanna asking why she would have anyone make up with Adriana.
Joanna lists off why Adriana is such a terrible person and why she dislikes her and Lisa insists she’s also friends with Adriana and yadda-yadda. Same issue that has happened all season long. It’s particularly stupid because Joanna already “made up” with Adriana like 50 times. Can we move on with this crap?

Things get heated and then Joanna tells Lisa she’s not in her wedding party anymore and to “get the fuck out!” Lisa walks away while Joanna tries to continue the argument. Lisa leaves and Joanna has clearly gone mad about this mess. Romain tells Joanna that she just took out her wedding stress on poor Lisa, and I think he is right.

Later on it’s time for Lea to unveil her finished home. It’s been under renovation and the finished product will be revealed at a big party of course. Adriana is invited and she attends. Everyone gets along which is creepy, but most likely a producer request so that they could all be present at the season finale stuff. Lisa and Joanna make up and she’s back in the wedding. But now it’s time for more making up.

Adriana and Lea find time to talk and they both cry about their friendship divorce. Adriana apologizes and Lea agrees to leave the drama in the past and move forward. We will see how long this lasts. History in Housewife land says by reunion time this will be forgotten. Joanna then invites Adriana to her wedding! Kumbaya. Everyone is one big happy family all of a sudden.

Next week they all head to Las Vegas for Joanna’s bachelorette party and that includes strippers on Lea Black plus some drunken limo catfights! I am actually excited for next week! Let’s discuss this week’s show! Is Lisa meddling too much in other’s business? Will the reconciliations last?

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