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Dina Manzo Reveals Whether She Got Jacqueline Laurita Fired!


Ever since ALLABOUTTRH, EXCLUSIVELY, reported the news of Dina Manzo returning to the RHONJ, it seems there have been numerous rumors of what may have led to her return, including the most popular one – -Jacqueline Laurita being fired!

In Touch sources reported, “When Bravo told Dina that Caroline got a spin-off [Manzo’d With Children], Dina said, ‘Jacqueline has to go, too. It’s her or me,’”

The source also revealed to In Touch, “There have been reports that Dina wasn’t interested in going on the show as long as Jacqueline was on there, because of her brother Chris Laurita. Dina and Chris haven’t talked in a few years. Dina is upset with the ladies because she wanted them to leave too when she quit the show when she left (in 2010), and this is her way of getting back at the two women.”

Well, Dina wasn’t happy when she heard about the article and she took to her Twitter to put those rumors to rest! She tweeted the following, “Ummm In Touch once again ur sources r so wrong down to my AGE! lol I’ll never understand why people want to hurt each other #hatemakesUugly”

I truly think that this is just the beginning of more rumors to come about Dina. We all know her family is angry with her, so I’m sure they are going to try and “source” their way through her whole season back on RHONJ. Do you guys think Dina made the demands to have her family fired? Or do you think it’s just a mean rumor to make her look bad?

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