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VIDEO: Lea Black Confronts Adriana De Moura!

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Ever since the news of Adriana De Moura already being married came out, there has been no love lost it seems between she and former bestie, fellow RHOM, Lea Black. In this preview clip, we see Lea confront Adriana about their feud, and possibly wanting it to end! Check it out!

Alexia is right! Lea needs to move on for HER! NOT for everyone else. I honestly don’t think Lea is mad at all for Adriana already being married, I think she pretty much revealed that all her anger stems over the whole Marysol and Ana fight with Lea, because why even bring that up? Adriana is pretty headstrong and I doubt would just go along with what anyone says. I think Lea is holding a grudge over  the wrong thing, and is punishing Adriana for it. What do you guys think? Do you think Adriana already being married is the real reason Lea’s angry? Share your thoughts below!

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