Matchmaker Patti Stanger Slams Bethenny: Love of Her Life

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.21.36 PM Earlier this month, Bethenny Frankel admitted on her talk show that her ex-husband Jason Hoppy was not the love of her life. She revealed that she knew that he wasn’t even before marrying him. Now popular matchmaker Patti Stanger is slamming Bethenny Frankel for doing that, calling the situation sick. Patti Stanger’s criticism adds another layer of controversy to Bethenny Frankel’s revelation.
“I thought that was kind of sick. Because even if he wasn’t, she needs to keep her mouth closed. I think it’s not a good idea to go out there and throw your ex’s under the bus even if it goes wrong. I don’t see Kris Jenner doing that to Bruce Jenner and I think she needs to take a page from Kris. I think America will turn on her. She has to watch it. Jason was a good guy. I met both of them and I thought he was great. And that was mean, I think her daughter will one day read that and go, “What the hell were you thinking mom?” She is having a bad moment, let it pass, she is a great business women.”
When is Bethenny going to realize that most people are actually on Jason’s side with this divorce and she’s only digging herself a deeper hole! Patty also opened up about Bethenny and Jill’s friendship saying,
“I think that Jill and Bethenny should make up, I think maybe the housewives should take Jill and Alex back, and I think the show will go to the next level if we all got along. I think the show is missing that, I really do. I wish Bethenny would even come back, maybe for a cameo, I love watching all of them, don’t you? I thought they were all great together, they made a team. And you know, don’t break the team up.”

What are the public’s opinions on Patti Stanger’s criticism of Bethenny Frankel’s comments about her ex-husband?

Bethenny Frankel admitted on her talk show that Jason Hoppy was not the love of her life. She revealed that she knew this even before marrying him.

Patty Stanger criticized Bethenny Frankel for her admission, calling the situation sick. She believed that even if Jason Hoppy wasn’t the love of Bethenny’s life, she should have kept her mouth closed and not thrown her ex-husband under the bus.

 Patty Stanger suggested that Bethenny and Jill should make up and that the Real Housewives show would benefit from their reconciliation. She also expressed her wish for Bethenny to make a cameo appearance on the show, as she believed that the cast members were great together and formed a strong team.

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