RHOM Recap: It’s Adriana’s Magical Day, But The Darkness Still Looms Over Miami!



It’s finally happening! Five years later, but still. Adriana will be walking down the aisle and marrying Frederic in a church. Remember, they’re already legally married as of 2008. Not invited of course, are Lea and Joanna. Alexia, Lisa, and Marysol are bridesmaids. Let’s begin…

Real Housewives of Miami kicks off with soon-to-be bride Adriana freaking out 24 hours before her wedding. She’s finishing some last minute details that include getting her son a new pair of shoes, taking care of injections, and waxing her areas.

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids are not being very helpful, they’re at the beach with Lea and Joanna! Lisa brings up the drama from last week in which Marysol confronted Lea, then ended up with Lisa butting in and defending Lea, which resulted in Ana butting in to defend Marysol. Pretty much a clusterf*ck.

Lisa says she was appalled with how she was spoken to. Maybe she should’ve just stayed out of a non-issue for her. Lea says Marysol just wants to make her look bad, but that poorly wrapped turban is doing all the work on its own. Alexia defends Marysol claiming that she was legitimately hurt, otherwise she would not have seeked out confrontation.

Finally on the day of the wedding, Lea and Joanna hang out because, hey, they’re not invited! They congregate in Lea’s closet which is the size of an apartment, and discuss. Lea, who used to be very close friends with Adriana, says that not being invited to the wedding was probably for the best, if only to prevent an awkward moment seeing as how Adriana no longer likes Lea.

Over at the wedding, slated to begin at 6pm, Adriana hasn’t even showered yet. She is taking her sweet time and has a negative attitude which gives ME anxiety. The bridesmaids try to get her to hurry but she just spazzes out on them like a Brazilian Bridezilla! It’s 5pm and Adriana is still nowhere near ready. The wedding planner comes to grab Adriana but she’s not even dressed yet. What a headache.

It’s past 7pm and Adriana finally arrives at the church, over an hour late. Completely rude and disrespectful. Nonetheless, Adriana looks beautiful walking down the aisle. Alex, her son, walks her and it’s a very touching moment, until you remember this is not so real and possibly done for the cameras only. *Insert reminder about the 2008 marriage.*

Mama Elsa’s mantilla is used in the ceremony and Marysol cries in her interview about how she wishes Elsa could be at the wedding. Now that part is touching and sad. Adriana and Frederic exchange vows and rings and they are husband and wife…AGAIN! Time for the costume changes, as if waiting for over an hour wasn’t enough torture. Guests change from their white attire into Great Gatsby attire, even on the street.

The reception begins at 9pm, but Adriana must be in her 1920’s best. While they wait for Adriana who once again is HOURS late, Marysol and Lisa take the moment to discuss their issue from Alexia’s birthday. What better time than a wedding to hash out stupid drama, right? This was probably a producer request to fill time while Adriana keeps everyone waiting. Lisa says she had a right to speak out on Lea’s behalf, but Marysol insists this was about her ill mother.

It’s almost 11pm at this point and can you believe the reception has yet to begin? I would’ve been out of there already and chowing down at Del Taco. This is some BS and Adriana has no regard for her guests. Frederic urges her to hurry but she blames her tardiness of being Brazilian.

Lisa and Lenny are the reception waiting for the new Mr. and Mrs. when a restless Lenny is highly irritated. I mean, can you blame the guy? He’s a surgeon and here he is at 11pm waiting for some fake ass wedding reception to commence. Lisa is obviously upset that Lenny wants to leave her, and you can’t blame her. Lenny should be understanding in this case and not punish her for Adriana’s stupidity and disregard for her guests’ time.

Adriana and Frederic finally arrive in their 1920’s costumes and it’s a bit Las Vegas showgirl, but whatever. Different strokes for different folks. But they lived happily ever after! At least for now.

Let’s discuss this week’s RHOM! How rude was Adriana?! Or was she allowed to do as she pleased because it was her wedding? Was Lenny out of line ditching Lisa at the reception?

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