RHONJ Recap: Melissa Gorga Plays The Victim At The Reunion!


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My blood doesn’t boil quite like it does when I’m watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. The reunion begins with Andy focusing it on Teresa Giudice’s fraud trial. Andy asks if Teresa has got any support and she says that she has. I don’t understand why Andy is talking about Teresa’s legal trouble with the girls when none of the girls would appreciate having the other housewives talk about their legal trouble. Imagine Andy asking Jacqueline about the few legal things she has recently been through then asking all the ladies to comment on it? How do you think any of them would handle that?

Andy then brings up Caroline Manzo’s cheating comment. Caroline says that she never said it was a fact that Albert has cheated on her but it’s only realistic to believe he has? I’m confused. So he has and she’s admitting it and then she’s not….this coming from the “wise” housewife. Andy asks why Caroline was okay with Albert telling her to shut the f up in front of her children and she responds that she would die for Albert but that she is not the kind of person who would put up with someone who does that. Again, I’m confused. Albert told you to shut the f up on camera and you put up with it? Can’t imagine what he says off camera. Caroline then says Melissa and Teresa are the same person which completely offends Melissa. LOL. Melissa acts like she is better than Teresa or something? I mean how insulting that she literally states that she is OFFENDED Caroline is comparing her to her sister-in-law?

Speaking of Melissa, Andy brings up how Melissa wrote about her father in her book then asks Teresa if she knew that Melissa’s father was absent and unfaithful to Melissa’s mother. Teresa says she was shocked when she saw any of it on TV because Melissa has always made it like her father is great. Melissa states that it was none of Teresa’s business and that’s why she never told Teresa about her father adding that he still was great. Teresa then puts Melissa in her place saying why would it matter if her sister-in-law new considering she put it out there to the 4 million viewers that watch. Melissa and Teresa go back and forth while Caroline gets involved shouting “who cares!” Why can’t Caroline just ever leave her opinion out of it? What if someone said “who cares” about the BS fight she and Dina Manzo and her are fighting about? She would jump someones throat and you all know it’s true!

Melissa Gorga’s BFF Jan who turned on her comes up and Andy says there was a report that Teresa and Jan went to sushi recently. Teresa explains that she and Kim D were at Sushi and Jan was there too. Jan confirmed to us back when it happened that she did see them, said hi, and went back to her table. Teresa then reveals that Melissa Gorga has a blog with Radar Online because a blogger had some inside information on it ;). Here’s a fun fact: When Teresa and Kim D went to Sushi. Jan was there at the same time and approached Kim D and Teresa to say hello. Someone took a photo of it sending it to Melissa. That’s when Melissa reached out to Teresa and asked why Teresa was with Jan…the next day the story was on Radar. I wonder who gave Radar the scoop? Oh yea. The person who has a deal with them!

Moving along..Andy then asks Jacqueline Laurita about her surgery saying he doesn’t see a difference which is a bit insulting. If Jacqueline wants to better her appearance, I don’t see a problem with it. Jacqueline then gets asked whether Dina Manzo has reached out to her about Nicolas autism. Jac then looks at Caroline before answering the question. Really? After a few seconds of considering what she might say, Jac reveals that Dina Manzo has not reached out.
Later on, Melissa gets called out for allowing her sisters to bash Teresa on social media. Melissa even backs it up with saying a specific tweet one of her sisters wrote. Joe Gorga chimes in saying what do you expect considering they are her sister and will have her back. Teresa adds that she is Joe’s sister and he shouldn’t be okay with it while Melissa says she can’t control what her sisters do? Really? Really, Melissa? If you tell your sisters to bark, they will. So I’m pretty sure if you want to move forward and make peace you could tell them to shut there irrelevant trap. What I don’t understand is how the heck Joe Gorga is okay with his wife’s family talking negatively about his own sister? Seriously, have you ever seen a trashier brother?

Joe Gorga’s anger issues get brought up and he says people are confusing his hurt for anger. You’re crazy, Joe. You know it and that’s that.

Rosie and Joe Giudice come out and Andy says he is a little surprised with their relationship because Juicy’s previous comments about gay people. Teresa and Juicy then state that they love gay people and that their best friends are gay. Teresa explains that she hangs with the girl of the relationship while Juicy hangs with the guy. They are both guys but sometimes gays say that their is a girl in the relationship and a guy. Rosie is furious by this comment and says that NO ONE should be commenting on gay people and she knows everything and that is absolutely not true. As usual, Rosie blows up Teresa’s comments because they are coming out of Teresa. Just because Rosie is gay does NOT mean she knows how every gay person acts or thinks? That’s like me (a straight person) claiming every couple acts the same way.

Andy airs the footage of Joe Gorga charging at Juicy. Andy barely asks about it which is quite funny. Here’s Joe Gorga charging at his brother-in-law while bashing his sister and it gets a lousy 1 minute of air time at the reunion. Typical.

Teresa brings up the negative comments Melissa said regarding her marriage. You know, like when she told her hubby that Juicy cheats on Teresa and doesn’t even like her. Melissa doesn’t apologize. Instead she asks Teresa, “do you see how it feels?” Implying that because Teresa has made comments about Joe and Melissa’s marriage, it’s okay for Melissa to do so. Here’s some advice Melissa, two wrong’s don’t make a right and you need to realize that. Melissa FREAKED out when Teresa made those comments about hearing Melissa was a golddigger last season and she now says on camera that Juicy doesn’t like Teresa? Why would you do something to someone when you hated that they did it to you? Melissa basically admits that she bashed Teresa’s marriage because Teresa did it to her and at this point, I’m sickened by this family.

Throughout the episode, Rosie is attacking Teresa for every little thing and I kinda wanted to go through the TV and punch her, tbh. That’s not all, Not only does Joe Gorga NOT apologize for how he bashes his sister on TV but he continues to put her down the entire episode.
Teresa is later asked why she is friends with Kim D. Does Andy forget that EVERYONE sitting there is friends with Kim D?! Rosie then calls out Teresa for having dinner with Penny who was after Teresa. Did Rosie forget that Melissa and Joe sat with Penny and had drinks with her? Speaking of Penny, Melissa and Joe are still convinced Penny was BFF’s with Teresa even though they know in their hearts she was never friends with them. Since they believe Penny was friends with Teresa and giving her all the information about them because Penny said that, it’s clear that Melissa did cheat on Joe because Penny ALSO said that. Joe Gorga complains that he doesn’t “need this shit” and drama in his life. LOL. Yea thats why he told reporters he would bring drama to the show and he could easily get out if he doesn’t want too but we all know, he’s loving that paycheck.

Dr. V shows up and I’m confused. This is a reunion show not a therapy session. I was totally thrown off by her presence and I really didn’t like it. The reunion ends off with Caroline jumping Teresa’s throat, everyone else minus Jacqueline attacking Teresa, Joe Gorga and Melissa enjoying the attack, and me forgetting that Kathy Wakile was even at the reunion.
Basically, I’m over the storyline and disappointed with the reunion. What were your thoughts? Let’s Discuss!

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