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Lisa Hochstein Lashes Back At Alexia’s Criticism Of Buying A Birkin Bag!


A few episodes ago, Lea Black took Lisa Hochstein Birkin bag shopping on Real Housewives of Miami. Lea was able to get Lisa the hookup on one of the expensive, exclusive hand bags that Lisa had been wanting for a while.

While on WWHL this week, Alexia was the guest and a viewer called in criticizing the purchase with Alexia! Lisa did not take too kindly and since her name was brought up, she tweeted Andy to make sure he called out Alexia on it. See what she lashed out with:

Andy brought up the tweets and Alexia said it was the viewer criticizing the Birkin bag expense, not her! What this reminded me of, however, was Alexia’s unpaid taxes that the IRS was asking for less than a year ago! Maybe she should pay that before talking about how much she spends on clothes? (I love Alexia but just have to call it like I see it here!)

Do you think Lisa spending that much on a Birkin is Alexia’s concern? Does it matter? Her husband works his ass off…if she wants a Birkin, let her pay for one! #housewifeproblems

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