RHOM Recap: Altercations In Miami, Ultimatums In LA!



The Real Housewives of Miami finally took a break from hanging out with each other as a group, which has never led to anything good this season, for the most part! This week, Joanna took Lea and Lisa over to LA to help out with some wedding planning, while Alexia and Adriana stayed in Miami and took care of business at home.

Let’s begin with the girls in Miami before we get to the drama portion:

While working on a shoot for Venue Magazine with a Miami Vice theme, the situation takes on the theme a little too seriously. Alexia’s son Peter, who has been getting into trouble with the law lately, is also on the shoot working as a photographer…or maybe Alexia’s bitch? Nonetheless, at least she is trying to keep him busy and productive.

An ignorant cab driver drives by and flips off Alexia and her staff. No one really makes a big deal of it, until Peter finds it necessary to run up to the cab and slam it on the side! The cab driver, seeing dollar signs (because of the production going on) gets out of the car and comes up to Peter!

Peter doesn’t let it go and starts yelling obscenities, even degrading the cab driver’s job. Is Peter wrong? Yes. Is the cab driver wrong? Absolutely! But Peter clearly has destructive behavior issues and Alexia feels it’s because of her ex, a convict and drug lord who is her sons’ father.

She seeks the advice of her mother again, who advises that maybe Alexia’s ex’s criminal record and prison past is affecting Peter now. I say, he is just as spoiled rich Miami kid who needs some straightening out and a reality check. (And not the $40K from Bravo…)

Also planning her wedding, or vow renewal?, is Adriana! She and Frederic visit the venue and they plan their Great Gatsby themed affair. Adriana wants everyone in white for the angelic ceremony and then she will have everyone change into their flapper attire for the reception. How annoying and inconvenient?

Lisa, Lea and Joanna

The girls land in LA and arrive at Joanna’s LA house which is to die for! Hilarious tid bit: Lisa’s luggage rolling down the drive way! LOL! Joanna gives the girls a tour of her house and then hang with Joanna’s mom Jolanta, who apparently only has sex with her finger these days. TMI!

Joanna’s wedding will take place in Oceanside, CA, so they trek down the coast and scope out the place. Joanna decides to marry on an altar that will be built on the pool. Joanna wlll stop at nothing for her fairy tale wedding! She did wait six years after all…

Later on, Joanna finally asks Lisa to be one of her bridesmaids. Lisa gladly accepts. Keep in mind, she also accepted Adriana’s invitation to be her bridesmaid! Joanna and Adriana hate each other. This is going to get catty…

Joanna gives Lisa an ultimatum and makes her pick between both brides! Not very cool of Joanna given that Adriana and Lisa have become good friends. Let’s remember that Joanna basically ditched Lisa while RHOM was not filming. Joanna is super bitchy about it to Lisa and is immature, catty and insensitive.

The girls visit Lea’s LA home which overlooks the city, shop till they drop, Lea gets Lisa the hookup on a Birkin that she’s been wanting to buy forever but couldn’t (Housewife problems), and Joanna has a dress fitting at Chagoury Couture.

Joanna ends the LA trip having dinner with her other bridesmaids and Lisa speaks up about why she can’t be in both weddings! Joanna insists that she can only be in either hers or go to Adriana’s. Although even Mama Jolanta agrees that Lisa can be in both weddings, Joanna continues to be a little _____ to Lisa about it.

We can only see the drama brewing already!

Let’s discuss the episode! Is Joanna out of line making Lisa pick? Is she a true friend?

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