RHONJ Recap: Drama Unfolds as Teresa Remains the Target

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 12.40.34 AM Well this RHONJ Recap episode was interesting to say the least. I’m going to keep my recap short for Sunday’s RHONJ Recap episode just because I’m extremely confused and quite frankly over the same thing happening episode after episode. We thought we were done with the same drama, and then this season ends up exactly like last blaming Teresa for everything and having all these non-credible people say Teresa started something. Let’s talk about Melissa’s singing at Orlando’s popular radio station. It’s clear there was still some auto tune with her performance and to check out the ACTUAL live singing, you could click here. Why Johnny Wright decided to manage her is extremely shocking? Clearly he wanted some air time since he’s always behind the scenes. Moving along to Kim D’s opening. Penny comes in without Johnny and Jacqueline approaches her about Johnny making comments regarding her sons autism. Honestly, I don’t believe Johnny made those comments because if he did RHONJ would screenshot it and show it on tonight’s episode. Which they didn’t. Penny confronts Jacqueline and Penny denies everything. Jacqueline doesn’t even care at this point. In comes Melissa who wants to confront Penny with Teresa. Teresa is all down for it and is confident she has nothing to worry about but she does. Because Penny decides to blame all the rumors on Teresa. Nothing is adding up. Penny is denying the fact that she has gone after Melissa and Joe on twitter for two years now. That is a complete lie. Penny basically just blames everything on Teresa and if Joe and Melissa believe her. That means the cheating rumors that came from Penny are true as well as the stripper rumors which also came from Penny. This episode was odd, and just annoying. I’m over watching the same drama. And I’m over writhing about the same thing. Hopefully next season changes.

It is clear that there was still some auto tune used in Melissa’s performance. To listen to the actual live singing, you can click here.

 It is shocking that Johnny Wright decided to manage Melissa. It seems like he wanted some air time since he is always behind the scenes.

During the event, Jacqueline approached Penny, who had come without Johnny, about Johnny allegedly making comments regarding her son’s autism. However, it is unclear whether these comments were actually made, as they were not shown on the episode. Penny denies everything and blames Teresa for all the rumors, including the cheating and stripper rumors.

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