RHONJ Recap: Same Drama, Different Day With The New Jersey Crew!


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Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey began with Teresa and Juicy Joe shopping with their mothers. It’s not very often that we see Teresa’s mother Antonia filming so it was nice to see her present. She seems like a wonderful lady as does Juicy’s mama. Teresa reveals she is adding another thing to her resume and will be starting a food line called, ‘Skinny Italian.’

At the Laurita’s home, Joe Gorga makes a visit and it was just odd. It was odd only because a few seasons back Juicy and Chris were BFF’s and he was always stopping at Chris’s house. Now it’s just awkward because you sense like Joe Gorga wants to be like his brother-in-law hanging out with his old friends and all. It just seems as if he’s been dying for this to happen. And he was since he told Bravo he would fight with his sister if he and Melissa got onto the show, which they did. Chris reveals Jacqueline is going to be making a speech about all that she is going through regarding Nicolas and his autism. He says that she asked Teresa for advice. Joe Gorga responds, I love her to death but don’t take advice from her.” Damn it, Joe! If my brother constantly put me down on TV episode after episode, I would go insane!

Teresa sets up a dinner with herself, Juicy, Joe, Melissa, and Mama Antonia. They haven’t done this in years. Teresa seems excited but unfortunately her dad wasn’t able to attend due to his kidney stones. It was nice to see them all together after 4 years but we know that it’s just for the cameras and probably won’t happen anytime soon. Unless cameras are on of course.

Teresa brings the girls over to Jacqueline’s to give her some advice on the speech. Chris Laurita can’t stop cracking up that Jacquline is asking for Teresa’s help. I must admit, Chris is funny. Teresa brings her girls and it’s nice to see Teresa and Jac hanging out again.

Back at Melissa’s house, she reveals that one of the most successful music producers heard about her and wants to manage her. His name is Johnny Wright and you’ve probably heard about him considering he manages successful music artist like Justin Timberlake, The Jonas Brothers, and many more. Did Johnny like owe someone a favor? It really doesn’t add up as to how he would manage someone who can’t even sing! Melisa is going to sing a new song to Johnny and the songwriter. Melissa says she doesn’t remember the words so she brings a paper of the lyrics to the mic. It’s all just very uncomfortable to watch at this point and you could see Johnny telling himself, ‘what the hell did I get myself into?!’ I’d like to know the same thing, Johnny! Melissa’s attempting to sing and making all kinds of excuses. It’s embarrassing. Johnny Wright is even calling her out.

Kathy Wakile is having a cannoli party at the very popular Dylan’s Candy Bar. Surprisingly, all of her friends are late to the event. Caroline says she is sick and Jac is the first to show up. Melissa comes next while Teresa attends shortly after. Kathy is annoyed that the ladies are all late considering she is always at there events. I would be annoyed too. Teresa is clearly asked in her interview if Kathy’s cannoli’s are edible. Teresa responds and parrots the producers leading question that they are edible and she is impressed.

At the BLK autism event, everyone is there to support Jacqueline. Funny how Caroline feels better the next day. I don’t blame her if she wanted to skip out on Kathy’s event. I would too. Jacqueline does an unbelievable job saying her speech and Teresa is watching her, rooting for her in tears. That was a very touching moment.

Melissa and Joe are later having dinner together and she tells Joe she needs to work on her music more. Damn right, Melissa needs vocal training. Melissa suddenly spots Penny Drossos AKA the girl who is the source for all the rumors. Melissa approaches her and is oddly SUPER friendly to her. I’m quite confused as to how Melissa is being so friendly to someone who has started so many rumors about her? Scared much? FYI, Penny revealed that this supposed “run-in” was actually filmed before the gang headed to Arizona. Bravo needs to stop with the major editing. The entire conversation seems completely scripted and edited. Penny apparently says everything goes back to Teresa. The show is a mess and I’m over the same thing that’s happening episode after episode.

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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