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Vicki Gunvalson Pulls The Plug On ‘Vicki’s Vodka’ After Getting Sued From Ex-Partner Who She Says Is A Bully!

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Robert Williamson 111 is at it again suing his business partner, and Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson. Williamson and Gunvalson partnered up with each other in 2012 to produce a distilled flavored vodka.

In a new lawsuit filed in Nevada obtained by Radar, Williamson says Vicki has committed fraud, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith dealings, misrepresented and unjustly enriched herself and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on him. Vicki’s on-and-off again boyfriend Brooks Ayers is also involved in the latest lawsuit.

The lawsuit states,

“During the weekend of July 12, Vicki and RW III met, without counsel, for extensive meetings and negotiations. Following the execution of the agreement, RW III caused Vicki to be dismissed without prejudice for certain pending litigation pursuant to the settlement agreement. But almost immediately following the dismissal of Vicki from the federal litigation, Vicki disregarded the settlement agreement and breached the same. In addition to breaching the agreement following execution, Vicki made false statements and representations to induce RW III to enter into the settlement agreement. Vicki represented that she would in good faith abise by the settlement agreement and use her best efforts to make VV successful. In reality, Vicki had no intention of abiding by the terms of the settlement agreement and had merely used the entire exercise as a means to solve certain problems, including her dismissal from the federal litigation.”

There were tons of other things that happened between Brooks Ayers and Robert Williamson that is in the lawsuit here

Since RW has filed another lawsuit, Vicki has officially pulled the plug on the Vodka line calling her ex-business partner a bully! Vicki’s attorney Paul W. Reidl gave a statement to Radar about why Vicki is pulling the plug,

“This lawsuit arises from the business decision of Ms. Gunvalson and her business partner, Michael Nicholson, an expert in blending and selling distilled spirits, to terminate the Vicki’s Vodka brand. Their decision resulted from their ongoing dissatisfaction with the business practices and bullying conduct of their other business partner, who is a professional gambler in Las Vegas and the plaintiff in the case. He wants to continue the project; they do not.”

The statement continued,

“This should have been the kind of routine dissolution of a small business that regularly occurs when co-owners disagree. Regrettably, the gambler has continued his bullying conduct by filing a lawsuit that has no merit at all. His claims are so lacking in factual and legal support that one can only assume the lawsuit was brought for its publicity value. Ms. Gunvalson and Mr. Nicholson detailed their complaints about the gambler’s conduct in a lengthy letter in which they made an offer to buy out his interest in the business. That was rejected without a counteroffer. Since he cannot force them to continue working on the project, and as a professional gambler he does not have the industry expertise or fan base to make and market the project successfully, Vicki’s Vodka is dead. The gambler does not own the recipe and does not have a license to make, distribute or sell the product. No more vodka will be produced. Ms. Gunvalson will not be making any further comments on this matter. She will tell her side of the story in court. In the meantime, the gambler’s lawyer has my permission to make the above mentioned letter public.”

Vicki will fight against Robert Williamson in court despite pulling the plug on the Vodka line. LOTS of shadiness going on with Vicki and I’m not very surprised. Do you think Brooks has a lot to do with Vicki’s recent troubles? Are you surprised Vicki decided to pull the plug on her vodka line?!

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