RHONJ Recap: Joe Gorga Has Had Enough Of Hearing Rumors About His Wife!


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This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the gang is still in Arizona “celebrating” Melissa Gorga’s birthday after Joe Gorga supposedly planned a getaway. I was excited to see the gang all have drinks and state that it’s there last day in Arizona until Joe Gorga got in his usual crazy mode and time is fast forwarded to 12 years earlier. Great, now we have to watch more activities. I am over the whole activity stuff. I’m glad they’re doing it but I don’t care to watch it any longer.

Melissa wakes up and Joe Gorga is all over her. Can you imagine how his parents feel when they open the TV and watch stuff like this? How is Melissa even okay with allowing this disgusting behavior knowing her mother is watching? I just don’t get it. As Joe Gorga humps Melissa, Teresa walks in and has a present for Melissa. Teresa has a few things but Bravo shows us some panties that she bought for Melissa that says “peace.” Melissa as usual starts blabbing away trash talking Teresa in her interview for getting her those panties just making ridiculous remarks. Her negativity this season is unbelievably annoying. What’s funny is the interviews with Melissa is her with blonde hair. Melissa JUST dyed her hair blonde meaning these interviews were recently taken and she still is bashing her sister-in-law who she is actually at peace with.

The guys separate with the ladies. The guys decide to go to the pool while the ladies play some tennis. Caroline Manzo stays behind with her hubby Albert and while the guys are being obnoxious at the pool, Joe Gorga makes a toast for Juicy. I just find Joe Gorga to be very, very bipolar. One minute he loves Juicy the next second he hates him and it goes on and on and on..

Later the gang all go on the high wire for another one of there activities. This activity determines whether you could trust your partner. Caroline refuses to do it because she is afraid of heights while everyone for the most part does it and it was actually laughable to watch. While Teresa and Melissa are on the high wire, Joe Gorga looks at his phone and seems to be checking twitter. LOL. Yea, that’s believable. Because producers really allow everyone to be on there phones and check twitter when they are taping. He then see’s a tweet from Penny. Penny is Jan’s friend. Jan was Melissa Gorga’s best friend and Penny has an agenda with Joe and Melissa. Penny is also friends with the guy that claims Melissa cheated on Joe with. He seems annoyed by this tweet but says nothing.

After the activity everyone is getting ready for Melissa’s birthday dinner. Everyone waits as Melissa and Joe finally come down. Joe Gorga brings Melissa a cake out for her birthday and she claims that her birthday wish was for the tweeting about her cheating on Joe to stop. Really? That’s what you wish for? Melissa then gets up to make a toast and purposely leaves Teresa out of it. If Teresa really wanted to move forward and mend things with her sister-in-law, she wouldn’t toast to almost everyone but Teresa. I know Teresa did this two years ago but two wrongs don’t make a right. And they are supposedly trying to work things out this time.

After dinner, everyone is sitting around having drinks when Caroline says she wants everyone to basically say what’s on there mind instead of toasting and being fake. That’s when Joe Gorga brings up the cheating rumors and Penny. Teresa at this point is sick of being blamed for the “rumors” but no one cares and continues to blame her. Teresa points out that the rumors came from Melissa’s best friend Jan and not her. Joe Gorga then has his typical tantrum and looks stupid. He looks so stupid that even Melissa continues to call him an idiot. What I found most sad is that Joe Gorga says he believes that his sister would trash talk him to strangers. How could he say this knowing how much his sister loves him? Teresa is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. I’m just over this entire storyline. Joe Gorga says he can’t take it anymore. Well, Joe, here’s a simple solution-get off the show. It would make ALL the drama go away. Kathy Wakile then tells everyone to stop letting others get away and make peace. Kathy is making some great points while Juicy Joe is too!

In the end Juicy and Joe hug it out and Teresa agrees to meet up with Penny with both Joe and Melissa if that will make them feel better. It’s pretty clear that Joe Gorga only keeps bringing up these cheating rumors not to clear Melissa’s name but to clear his so that he doesn’t look like the fool who’s wife is messing around on. Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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