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Lea Black Believes Her Politeness Was Not Hypocrisy, Was Being Bated To Fight!


This week’s Real Housewives of Miami brought the group together at Alexia’s Venue Magazine cover party, which was awkward given the huge wedge dividing the cast into two! Lea was forced to interact with people who she is feuding with, but she refused to take the bait and start or get into conflicts!

In her Bravo blog this week, Lea addresses the implication that she did black magic on Mama Elsa. She disregards the negativity but simply states, “The ‘psychic’ set up was as phony as the five year ‘engagement.'”

As for the Venue party, Adriana and Frederic came for Lea, as did Alexia calling her a hypocrite for greeting her other enemy Ana. Lea writes:

Frederic and Adriana have gone behind my back many times (since she joined the hate club because I didn’t “back her” when she slapped Joanna). They continue to try to turn my friends and people they met because of me against me with their lies.

Yikes! Now Lea is throwing having Adriana cast on the show in her face? She continues, saying that Adriana and Frederic continue to expose themselves while she just avoids the conflict:

Frederic has called me an evil bitch. He has never said one nice thing about me. He keeps telling his wife all the ugly things he wants to do to me and threatens me. And he has the nerve to say I talk about him. I could have confronted their backstabbing (when Frederic accused me of talking about him), but it would have just escalated the conflict, because they refuse to take any responsibility for their words or actions. I simply will not, especially during someone else’s party, compromise who I am to expose the backstabbers they are. They continue to expose themselves without any help from me.

As for Alexia calling her a hypocrite at her party, Lea takes a dig at her for instigating drama at her event where she shouldn’t given that she is the hostess.

Being polite and not causing a scene with people even if you don’t like them isn’t hypocrisy, it’s simply being civilized and respectful to the host and their guests, and it’s called manners. I kept my promise to myself to simply be nice. So I held my tongue even though it was tempting not to. If I would have “snubbed” them, I would have been criticized for that. If I would have disagreed with anything any of them said, the hater pack would have piled on. You can’t win with unconscious people. I much preferred to be working on the Gala!

You could see they were all conspiring to bait me into a fight, but I refused to bite. I would rather act like a lady than a barroom brawler. And the shocking thing about it is Alexia daring to call me a hypocrite while I am trying to calm down the atmosphere instead of throwing gasoline on it. Rather than appreciate me wanting her party to be fun and fabulous instead of a brawl, she once again took an opportunity to take a pot shot at me. I find it surprising a host would insult one of their guests that way. Especially a friend whose heart was in the right place.?In all honesty, with the pressure of a lot of kids’ lives depending on a huge Gala in less than 18 hours, I just wasn’t interested in the petty conflict or hatred or gossip.? I arrived at the time the invitation suggested. After waiting over an hour and a half for the host and hostess to arrive, I wanted to pay my respects and leave, my team was waiting on me at the Fontainbleu.

Do you think Lea loves the drama as much as she makes it seem like it just comes to her while she sits back and just tries to have fun?! I highly doubt it, she’s still cast on Real Housewives after all.

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