Jacqueline Laurita On Reconnecting With Teresa And Being Happy To Have Her Friend Back!



Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s former “Lucy and Ethel” reconnected this week on the show, as therapy seemed to bring the two back to a place where they missed being each other’s friend. Jacqueline and Teresa had been feuding for a while and now they realized they wanted to move towards a better place.

Jacqueline is taking to her Bravo blog to discuss reconnecting with Teresa and realizing she missed her, but first she says why she was inclined to believe Teresa meant Nicholas’s autism was “karma”. She writes:

I was a little sensitive to that “karma” comment, because Teresa had known that someone had said that about my son in a derogatory way in the past and it upset me. My thought process was this: if Teresa believed that if she hurt someone, karma could go back on her kids, then it is logical to think that she also believed that karma could go back on the kids of others who have hurt someone. Teresa had made it known to me that she felt that I had hurt her in some way, so why wouldn’t she feel that karma could affect my kids, if it was her belief it could happen to her own? Get it? Autism was one thing that she knew I was struggling with when it came to my child, so that is why it popped into my head. Even though I consider my son a good karma and a definite blessing in my life, I wasn’t sure how she perceived it.

Jacqueline continues discussing how Arizona started to pull her to Teresa and vice versa:

When Teresa called me up during the gong ceremony, I felt very emotional because I started to see a more vulnerable side to Teresa that I appreciated. I felt like she was finally opening up to me and inviting me back in her life. It felt sincere. I wanted to believe that all the past nonsense had been forgiven and forgotten, and that we were sincerely starting our friendship over again with a clean slate and going in a positive direction.

By the end of the day, Teresa and Jacqueline had a heart to heart that seemed very promising for the two! Jacqueline felt that she was back to being friends with Teresa, saying:

Teresa and I had a long heart to heart by that fire. It was more than I ever expected. You didn’t see it all, but we discussed a lot of our issues with each other. It felt great to get it all out. I felt like we had a better understanding of each other and for the first time, it seemed as though we had a real shot of having a true friendship.

Only time would tell. For that moment in time, I was very happy with the direction things were going. Lucy and Ethel were back

I believe the two have moved on in different directions in their lives. They can still be cordial and friendly when they see each other, but I think the days of them being BFFs are long gone… That last sentence in the blog along with Ashley Holmes’s recent comments about Teresa speak volumes more than the edited and forced TV show.

Do you think the two ladies were genuine with each other?

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