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Joanna Krupa Believes Adriana Is Lost In Her Lies, Slams Lisa And Takes A Dig At Her Infertility Again!


Joanna Krupa is accusing Adriana of ACTING, poorly, on this season of Real Housewives of Miami. Joanna writes in her Bravo blog for this week’s episode, that there is some bad acting going on and that Adriana is having trouble keeping all her lies straight! She writes:

And the Oscar goes to… I think anyone can tell the difference between a good acting job and bad acting, and there is definitely some bad acting going on here! I am just not understanding the whole Adriana argument, and I am trying to see and be open minded about the 50 different reasons why she didn’t tell anyone she was really married. Honesty is the key to anything — the more you lie in life, the more it comes out. You can never ever escape from it, because it will always end up biting you in the butt. In my opinion, people respect someone that has made bad choices in their life, but owns up to it, apologizes, and moves on.

I don’t buy this whole victim thing with Adriana for one second. She keeps spinning the story, and it seems she is getting herself confused about all the lies and trying to keep to her script. I am really trying to accept her and like her, but the more I listen to her, the more it makes me want to stand my ground and side with Lea. Sometimes it’s worth putting the ego aside and accepting your faults in order to move on instead of believing your web of lies and being stuck there and ending up looking like a fool. Even though I am trying to stay open minded here…

I do agree with Joanna. Adriana tried spinning her secret marriage way too much, that every week we hear a different story or new details about why she “called it off,” about why it was just her “marriage license,” etc.

Where I disagree with Joanna is here. She continues to SLAM her “friend” Lisa for inviting the other girls to their night out. Clearly Joanna wants to perpetuate drama and separation! Geez. She says:

The night of Baoli starting off fun with just the 3 of us, and when I saw Adriana and Marysol walk in, I was in shock. It was very disrespectful and rude that Lisa had the nerve to invite the other girls to Baoli whens she sold it to us as just the 3 of us girls out for a fun night. Not sure what planet Lisa lives on, but it can’t be Earth, because no sane person would do such a selfish thing knowing all the tension that is going on in the group with Lea. It seems Lisa forgets to put herself in certain scenarios to see how she would feel if she was put on the spot like that. It’s one thing to be a peace maker but another to be living in La La Land.

Or maybe Lisa is cool with everyone and doesn’t mind petty bullsh*t? Not her fault you cockatoos can’t be civil.

“I may be a model, but not always a model citizen” Joanna proves her season two tagline, by continuing to slam Lisa and taking a dig at her infertility struggles! Low blow and totally classless.

When Lea left the restaurant and was really upset, I decided to hand Lisa a copy of Adriana’s wedding license, since a Twitter fan was super upset about it. I decided to print it out in case the subject came up that night and give it to Lisa, since I couldn’t take her looking so ignorant anymore and listening to all the lies over the proof that is set in stone. Honestly with this group of women I sometimes feel as if I am back in high school, maybe even grade school…time to grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

I really pray Lisa gets her wish and gets pregnant, since she obviously loves to take care of others and wats us all to get along.

Sure, she sugar coated it this time but it was totally a passive dig! Joanna is officially the fakest, meanest, biggest bitch on any of these shows. Just awful. Let’s see if Romain sticks around for this…

Thoughts on what Joanna had to say?

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