RHOC Recap: The Reunion Gets Too Real For Comfort!



It’s the last part of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion – and the most painful to watch. A little too real, even for reality TV. Let’s get started with a quick rundown of what happened before the OC got real. After last week’s cry fest, all of a sudden Gretchen is happy and smiling with everyone. Poor cutting and pasting in the editing room?

Heather talks about her new house. We go over her journey with Terry not supporting her getting back into acting this season. She reveals their fight began with the onion rings he wanted at HER clam bake. She reveals she bought the lot they live on and have a fair partnership. She worked before she married him, and defends that she is providing him a great lifestyle as well.

Next we focus on Alexis and Jim. Andy called them out on putting up a front this season. Alexis says Jim’s always been this way, but blames editing for not showing this side of Jim. Andy asks Tamra her opinion. She says it seemed a bit staged. Alexis says it’s not always “peaches and cream” in their home and that nothing was staged. Who cares.

Tamra and Eddie’s rocky trip down the aisle is next. Tamra admits that it feels different (in a good way) being married. She even took his name. Simon, her ex husband, was not at the wedding. Their communication is limited, and they have good and bad moments. It’s a nice segue into their limited series even with a sneak peek.

Vicki’s daughter, Briana, joins the women and talks about her son, who is just the cutest! It’s crazy to think Briana was going to prom on Season 1 and now she is married, a mom and sending her husband off to deployment. Andy digs in and asks about his angry rant against Lydia’s mother on the finale.

Briana defends Ryan’s actions saying he adapted Vicki’s crazy OCD and followed her house rules. Lydia says Briana had to have felt like Ryan was wrong but Briana refuses to talk about it. She says he’s at war and doesn’t want to talk about him in this way!

Andy’s like, ‘Well! now Brooks can come home!’ Vicki says she is not exclusive with Brooks right now and doesn’t know where they’re headed. Briana says Brooks can’t be around her family due to disrespectful and shocking actions, and she won’t trust him. Vicki threatens to rip her mic off if Briana spills details.

Andy of course sees ratings and dollar signs, so he pries into the set up Vicki just laid out for herself. Vicki says her ex’s have all been disrespectful, so obviously there’s a pattern she needs to break. Vicki admits to Brooks being disrespectful but she still says he’s the best man she’s ever loved and has never gotten physical! Ladies and gentlemen, this is delusion.

Briana rolls her eyes and starts to say too much for Vicki’s comfort, so she pulls a Ramona and walks off the set, refusing to have a Brooks bashing party. Andy calls for Brooks to come out and he strolls down the stairs which is pretty laughable. When did this become a sitcom? Andy asks why Briana dislikes Brooks so much.

They talk about a letter Brooks sent Vicki while she was married to Donn, confessing his love for Vicki and asking her to divorce Donn. Briana also reveals Brooks asked her husband Ryan to beat her. She is pissed and she is letting it all out! All the women are at a loss for words and then go after Brooks themselves.

Brooks says he was drunk when he was recorded saying those awful things and apologizes. Briana says she was abused as a child and is deeply hurt by Brooks. She has the recording and Vicki storms off, saying Brooks won’t have this treatment. What about defending your daughter you dumb ass?!

Things get heated quickly and Lydia walks off set in tears. Heather asks if Vicki is afraid to listen to the recording of Brooks’s rant because she will have to leave him once she hears it. Brooks says he has encouraged Vicki to hear it. Probably because he knows he can manipulate her out of being upset with him!

Tamra then reveals she went to lunch with Brooks and threatened to hurt him if he ever beat Vicki or took advantage of her. She feels Vicki’s getting mad at Briana for exposing the truths, and says Vicki is being weak. Heather chimes in and says although Brooks has been nice to her, she thinks it’s time for them to break it off.

Briana says she just needs to let Vicki figure things out on her own. Tamra also reveals Brooks calls Vicki fat, ugly, and tells her that nobody wants her. Brooks and Vicki deny all of this. At the end of the day, Briana says that she loves her mom, wants to have her family together, and that she deserves someone who is not going to disrespect her.

Vicki then compares Slade to Brooks, saying Gretchen and Slade made it, so she can too! Wait, what?! So now Vicki is cool with being with a “Slade” herself? LMAO. This is beyond hypocrisy. I love Vicki and it’s sad to see her become so weak and stupid over some man.

Brooks says he loves Vicki enough to let her go, and then he leaves the set wishing her luck and kissing her goodbye. Vicki has an emotional breakdown and all the girls congregate around her to cheer her up.

The women end on this note: Lydia feels punched in the head. LOL. Alexis is looking forward to next year. Heather is glad it ended well for her. Tamra feels she had her best year. Gretchen feels like friendships she thought she had were not there. Uh, duh. Vicki feels emotionally drained and is still praising Brooks. They all end with a champs toast, of course.

And another season is in the books for the OC ladies! Let’s discuss the third part of the reunion! Do you believe Brooks abuses Vicki? Will she break up with him for good now that the season has wrapped? And, for next season, would you like the same ladies to return?

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