Basketball Wives Recap: The Newest Wife Tasha Marbury Gets Introduced And Questioned By The Ladies!


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Basketball Wives is baaaaccck and while I know many of you can’t stand it, a lot of you are watching it. My apologies for not recapping the season premiere but it was too much Ocho Cinco talk and I didn’t care to talk about what we’ve already been talking about for months.

Evelyn introduces us to her friend Tasha Marbury. Tasha is married to Stephon Marbury. Whoever that is. It’s nice to FINALLY see an actually wife on the show considering you know, the name of this show is ‘Basketball Wives.’ I do though find it weird when a husband allows their wife to be on such a controversial show such as this because it just makes both the husband and wife look bad, in my opinion. I mean, this show only gets negative reviews, and negative press so I’m pretty sure if I was in the NBA the last thing I would do is OK my wife to be on a show that all my basketball player friends are laughing at. Just saying.

Moving along, Evelyn brings up how she wrote about Tasha’s husband alleged infidelities with their cook in her book. Tasha is over it and just wants to move forward. Shocking to see Tasha not flipping out like others would but then again-are these two actual friends if Evelyn decided to do that? Probably not. Evelyn is ready to have Tasha meet the girls except Tami is not. Tami decides to call big mouth Suzie to get all the 411 on Tasha. That’s when Tami brings up how Evelyn wrote about Stephon alleged infidelity with the cook and Suzi finds all the details on the internet. Tami then makes it clear that she wants to get to the bottom of this and thinks Suzie should bring it up when they meet with Tasha. Is that a joke? I think it’s funny that Tami is egging on the situation and I don’t know why they feel the need to call anyone out the first time they ever meet them.

Everyone’s headed to Tasha’s house and once Suzie and Tami arrive, Tasha asks them to take there shoes off. OK. Was that a joke? Tasha, sit back and relax. It’s the first time these ladies are coming to your home and you’re asking them to take off there shoes like they are some 5 year olds. I don’t know-I just found that a bit odd. Tasha has all the ladies drinking champagne and wine but Tami is being complicated and insists on some bud light. Tasha is prepared to give Tami what she wanted since Evelyn warned her that Tami likes her beer. Tami now complains about the fact that the beer isn’t chilled.

Suzie decides to open her mouth and ask Tasha who again, she is meeting for the first time ever if the story about her husband hooking up with the cool was true. Did Suzie forget she is in Tasha’s dang home? Tasha seems taken back and asks the ladies what they think while all of them want to know the juicy details. Until next week….

Do you like the newest wife? Thought’s on Monday’s episode? How do you feel about Tami insisting she and Suzie get to the bottom of the cheating scandal?

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