RHONJ Recap: The Gang Make Peace And Head To Arizona!


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Everyone is finally at peace on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It’s Melissa Gorga’s birthday and Joe wants everyone to head out to Arizona for a spa trip. LOL. Imagine if filming wasn’t going on. Do you still think Joe would plan this trip? Probably not considering it would no longer be paid for.

We see Kathy and Teresa hanging out and Teresa explaining that she was innocent the entire time about the Melissa Gorga drama. Obviously Teresa probably knew some things but for the most part, there are people who really just don’t like Melissa. Not surprising.

Speaking of Melissa, she and Joe are getting ready for the spa trip and Melissa is complaining that she would prefer the two of them go alone. Yea, right. Everyone is getting ready for the Arizona trip and Gia is mortified by Teresa’s bathing suit choices which is absolutely hilarious to watch. I think any girl witnessing her mother pick the baningsuits Teresa were would be scarred for life.

They all finally head out to Arizona and oddly enough, Caroline, Jac and their hubby’s flight get delayed. Melissa is complaining that she is sick. Finally the entire gang arrive and everyone has dinner and seem to be having a good time. A physic ends up showing up and we see a much deeper side to Richie. It was sad to see him cry but I still think he is the biggest ass hole/attention seeker that has ever been on reality TV.

Everyone wants to go on a hike but Melissa stays back because she is sick. For someone who’s so sick and in such unbelievable pain, I was surprised she decided to drink and even go tanning.

Everyone is doing a cleansing ceremony and Albert seems uncomfortable and says he will not participate in it which was kind of awkward. Caroline defends his actions which I thought was funny. Imagine if someone else made a big deal about this-Caroline would be the first to call them out. In the end of it, Teresa holds hands with the gang and tells them that she wants to move forward. It was a sweet gesture and very nice to watch. That’s when Teresa and Jacqueline have a face-to-face and Jacqueline breaks down. Teresa explains that she wants to get along with Jac especially because she believes in karma and thinks if she doesn’t the karma will hit her children. Jacqueline makes it like Teresa was insulting her and that obviously wasn’t the case.

All seemed to go well on Sunday’s episode but I have a feeling it won’t be good for long..thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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