RHOC Reunion Recap: Vicki Takes On Lauri, Gretchen Is Left Behind, And Lydia Brings The Sass!



It’s Real Housewives of Orange County reunion time! I have to say, I was beyond excited for this season’s reunion! Was I let down? Let’s find out…

We start with learning that Vicki is still legally married to Donn! She says they’re at a stand still. Tamra is trying to get them back together. Vicki insists that there is no urgency to dissolve the marriage, but we learn that she just doesn’t want to pay spousal support.

Tamra and Gretchen’s friendship that did not end so well is on the spotlight first. Tamra says it’s weird right now, and that she misses Gretchen. Gretchen agrees. Vicki denies having had a plan to split Gretchen and Tamra in Mexico. Gretchen is hurt that Tamra brought up the cheating allegations again during the season. Tamra says she saw Gretchen sitting on a guy’s lap at the St. Regis while her engagement ring was in her bag.

Here we go again. The girls re-hash drama from years ago.

Lydia asks Alexis if she knows Gretchen cheated since they were friends back then. Alexis says she saw questionable behavior but didn’t see actual cheating. Tamra gets mad that she took the heat and brings out photos of Gretchen making out with this guy. Gretchen says she acts like this with her guy friends. Ummm, what? And apparently Heather kisses her male friends on the lips too. Fancy pants?

Gretchen and Vicki talk about whether they like each other not. They go in circles and don’t admit it. Can’t they just say ‘I hate you forever?’ So fake. Tamra and Gretchen go back to the cheating stuff. They literally want Gretchen to admit to cheating on Jeff and while all the signs point to yes, she cheated, it’s not really solid because Gretchen keeps beating around the bush.

Is this the season 5 reunion or what? Yawn. Time for a cast overhaul.

Conversation then finally leaves that stupid subject and we move to Lydia, the new girl this season! Lydia denies being a pot-stirrer and says she’s just honest. Alexis calls Lydia out for not being so supportive of her and kind of being ashamed of being her friend. Alexis felt Lydia was telling the girls what they wanted to hear at first. Lydia says she just didn’t know Alexis that well yet.

Heather and Lydia then start talking about the cover of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. Geather laughs that she was not big enough to be on the cover, but Lisa Vanderpump was. Lydia gets really defensive but she’s just so hilarious! I love her on this show. Andy brings up Lydia hating strippers but dancing on cabs. Heather says she was bothered that Lydia said “kinda classy” after they stayed for strippers.

Lydia and Heather argue about a blog, where Heather called her something mean. Lydia says she was just joking. Um that excuse doesn’t work here, Lydia!

Then it’s time for Lauri to come out. Vicki says she thought everything was fine after Lauri’s wedding. The “letter” was 7 years ago and Lauri is pissed now. Dumb ass. Lauri is mad that the letter made her husband look bad. Tamra asks why she would do it to Vicki then. Gretchen tries to make it about her. STFU, you look like an ice skater that mated with a kid from Toddlers and Tiaras.

Vicki calls Lauri out saying she just wanted some of the Real Housewives fame, and said Vicki was in bed with multiple people as a way back in. Andy asks Lauri why she would do that to Vicki if Vicki had employed her as a single mom. She says she never worked for Vicki. Wow, really? I am done with this crap. Lauri and her ill-shaped plastic face can go kick rocks.

Andy asks why Gretchen would get worked up over Lauri and Vicki’s issue. She says it’s human nature to react that way because Vicki is a hypocrite for doing what she had accused her of doing. Vicki says she admitted to her indiscretions but Gretchen hasn’t, and that’s the difference. Bottom line: you’re all hypocrites.

The Vicki vs. Lauri war continues. Vicki says she has also heard Lauri cheated, but nobody is going to admit to it. Lauri asks Vicki to stay out of her life, except Lauri is the one weaseling her way back into RHOC. Idiot. Lauri and Gretchen are the pathetic losers this season while Lydia and Alexis ended up winning.

Next week Gretchen performs her talent for the pageant: crying while not emitting any tears. And she gets told off some more. Let’s discuss the reunion’s first part! Team Vicki or Lauri? Was Tamra EVER intending to be Gretchen’s true friend? Surprised by Lydia?

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