RHONJ Recap: Teresa’s Daughter Gia Giudice Calls Out Her Uncle Joe On His Aggressive Behavior!


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This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey picks off with Teresa and Jacqueline bickering about who is more evil or whatever. Honestly I am over this friendship at this point because I know it genuinely will never be the same as what it was because they will always have their guards up. But they do make peace and Jacqueline explains that she was upset with Teresa for saying that Jacqueline needs to worry about her son instead of tweeting about her. I could go on about what a hypocrite Jacqueline is and I know that If I was Teresa I would say a lot worse after seeing what Jac has said about me but it doesn’t matter. The two make up and at least now we know they are civil.

Jacqueline and Kathy go bra shopping when Jac reveals she is going to do some plastic surgery. She clearly isn’t happy with herself so if this makes her happy, so be it.

Teresa’s daughter Gia is at home getting ready for her uncle to pick her up so they could spend some time together after he missed her birthday. Gia seems super excited and it’s crazy to see how much she’s grown since the first season. Zio Joe picks up Gia and they are having a blast go carting when things start getting serious and they actually talk about what’s been going on. Gia is incredible. She is so smart beyond her years and whether you like it or not, she is aware of what’s going on. I mean she saw it first hand at the christening! Do people really think Gia is not going to know anything about her mother and brother when 1. Her grandparents are over everyday probably talking about it and 2. She witnessed her Godfather/Uncle call her mother dirty names not worrying that he’s doing it in front of her. How can you expect a 12-year-old not to know things when she’s been around when it all happened?

Gia tells Joe that people have said nasty things about her uncle at school and she doesn’t know how to respond and tries to explain that things did change once he married Melissa. Joe tries to tell Gia that there are two sides to every story and that he basically shouldn’t listen to her mother. Gia makes it clear that she is old enough to know what’s going on and see’s her mother in pain even pointing out the christening. It seems like he was taken back by everything Gia was saying. She is too smart and especially too smart for him.

Everyone is going to Teresa’s house to support her for a fundraising event. Teresa tells her unbelievably adorable girls that Kathy, Jacqueline, and Melissa will be coming by and they will be hopping onto a party bus. Milania then asks, “Who’s Kathy?” LOL that’s how all of Ameria feels too, Milania. Still confused as to how Milania doesn’t have her own show yet. Bravo needs to snatch her before someone else does! They all go in the party bus that has a pole and Juicy says he wants to see Melissa go on it just once making fun of all the stripper rumors. That’s when Milania goes onto the pole after hearing her father and says, “look I’m Melissa. I’m on a pole.” I thought it was funny that Bravo put that scene all over the RHONJ trailers but failed to add the part of everyone talking about Melissa actually going onto the pole. Damn you, Bravo! Always trying to stir some sh*t up!

We also see Caroline throw a goodbye party for Albie and Chris’s friend. Why the Wakiles and Gorga’s were there is beyond me but it was the most pointless scene and I was tired of seeing Lauren look miserable so I just forwarded it.

Jacqueline heads to LA to get her cosmetic surgery done and we see Ashlee/Ashley Holmes. And Ashlee/Ashley tries to portray herself as the “new” Ashlee/Ashley who doesn’t drink and is worried about her mother. LOL. Jac goes through with it and for some stupid reason Bravo decides to show us Jacqueline’s cut up skin. Was I the only one who spit out her water and began gagging?

Until next week we will see Melissa Gorga’s bridesmaid and former BFF calling her out! Thought’s on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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