Alexia Echevarria: A Mother’s Perspective on Peter’s Legal Troubles

AlexiaPeter Real Housewives of Miami premieres its third season in less than a week! Some may have already seen it OnDemand, but Alexia Echevarria is back as a main Housewife, and of course, part of her story is the problems she’s faced with her son Peter. Peter was charged for assaulting a homeless man and putting video of it on the internet. Alexia addresses this problem in the premiere, saying that Peter was “stupid” and that he has not been “all there” emotionally since his brother Frankie’s tragic accident. Check out the sneek peak below, where Alexis talks about the incident and visits her mother: Do you think Alexia is making excuses for Peter? Can she do anything to stop him from heading down the wrong path?

The main focus of the third season of Real Housewives of Miami is the return of Alexia Echevarria as a main Housewife and the challenges she faces with her son Peter.

 In the premiere of Real Housewives of Miami, Alexia addresses the problem of her son Peter being charged for assaulting a homeless man and posting a video of it online.

 Alexia believes that Peter has not been emotionally stable since his brother Frankie’s tragic accident, which has affected his judgment and decision-making abilities.

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