Joanna Krupa Opens Up About Her Feud with Lisa Hochstein

JoannaSlamsLisa Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa were such close friends on season two of Real Housewives of Miami, but the trailer shows that the two ladies went through some ups and downs, resulting in Joanna kicking Lisa out of her wedding party at one point! Adriana has said that the tension came from Lisa being in both ladies’ wedding parties, and now Joanna is speaking out about her fight with Lisa. She tells the Baltimore Sun, “She [Lisa] was getting too much into my business. I was like worry about yourself, you’re not in the position I am. Get a job. Get pregnant. Whatever it is, just stay out of my life.” That sounds really awful coming from Joanna considering Lisa has publicly struggled with getting pregnant! Yikes. She also reveals that she and Lea became a lot closer this season. Well, duh, they both had a common enemy: Adriana. Furthermore, Joanna reveals that the first thing that comes to mind when hearing Lisa’s name is “pot-stirrer.” If this is how Joanna feels then why would she ask Lisa to come back and be her bridesmaid? Thoughts on what Joanna had to say? Do you think she was being too harsh? UPDATE: Lisa has since responded to this article saying, “Joanna, that’s incredibly rude, if thats true.” Joanna then immediately responded, “We r friends. I was relating to our fight during the season nothing I said was to disrespect. usual the media loves to make it bigger than it is. I adore Lisa and media loves to make this dramatic. And this is exactly why I prefer on air interviews cause can’t edit out tone of voice etc.”

The tension between Lisa Hochstein and Joanna Krupa on season two of Real Housewives of Miami stemmed from Lisa being in both ladies’ wedding parties. This led to conflicts and ultimately resulted in Joanna kicking Lisa out of her wedding party at one point.

Joanna Krupa expressed that Lisa Hochstein was getting too involved in her personal life and advised her to focus on herself. Joanna mentioned that Lisa should get a job or try to get pregnant, emphasizing that Lisa should stay out of her life.

 Despite Joanna Krupa referring to Lisa Hochstein as a “pot-stirrer” and expressing her frustrations, she still asked Lisa to come back and be her bridesmaid. The reasons behind this decision are not mentioned in the given content.

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