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RHOC Recap: The Season Comes To A Cold End, But The Drama Has Just Begun!


It’s the Real Housewives of Orange County season eight finale! We’re back at Vicki’s in Coto, when Gretchen and Slade finally arrive to the party. They walk in while everyone else is congregated talking crap about them, which is funny. Everyone gets up to mingle as soon as they arrive. Ain’t nobody got time for Speidi 2.0.

Ryan starts gossiping about Brooks and Vicki to, of all people, Slade and Gretchen. He warns dumb and dumber about Brooks, and why? Brooks has nothing to do with Slade and Gretchen. It’s tacky of Ryan to gossip about his mother-in-law’s life to people she doesn’t get along with, while in HER home.

Gretchen and Heather sit down and Gretchen starts off saying she’s hurt by Heather. Gretchen says it’s unfair that Heather told everyone she was never offered a role on Malibu Country. Heather denies throwing Gretchen under the bus, because she knows Gretchen is trying to “be in this industry”. Was that a read? Here we go…

Gretchen feels that Heather is threatened and that’s why she is so condescending. God, who cares. None of you guys are legit at anything you do, except Vicki and Tamra who have legit businesses. This damn sitcom got cancelled anyway, so clearly it sucked whether they got guest roles on it or not.

“Stop tooting your high horn,” says Gretchen. What the hell lives in her head?

Heather then takes it to another show. She’s still upset with how Gretchen and Slade acted while at the Hot in Cleveland taping. Gretchen smiles because of how dumb this all is. Heather is all, ‘I came to see you at the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas for three days and you can’t even look at me act through all my scenes!’

SO. STUPID. Heather was my favorite and right now I don’t like any of these girls. I know the nature of these shows is drama, but can we not act like high school bitches? And Gretchen’s blowfish upper lip?! They hug and make up. Again, STU-PID.

Vicki then presents Tamra with a friendship bracelet but at least it’s diamonds. Alexis tells Tamra that Vicki really cares for her. Jim chimes in and agrees. He’s so strange, I don’t even know what the hell he’s talking about. Tamra then sobs and apologizes to Jim Bellino for talking sh*t. They all cry and Alexis wipes her tears with Jim’s “$1000 scarf.” I want to throw up my dinner.

Then things get really disgusting. Ryan is heard literally verbally abusing Lydia’s mom Judy, and cursing at her. Like, are you kidding me? I am seriously in shock with how aggressive and violent he is. What a piece of sh*t, and an idiot because he tried making Judy look bad by lying, when it was all captured by the mics.

Lydia and Judy decide to leave due to Ryan being a belligerent d*ck over Judy resting her feet on a couch. Vicki’s brother defends Vicki and her guests, while Ryan gets crazy saying he lives here. Where did this power trip come from? You RENT a bedroom, you loser. Who are you to sit there and call Judy a bitch repeatedly? Ugh. This is truly disgusting. Judy is classy, remains composed, and Ryan is trash.

To see Lydia crying is heartbreaking because she’s just a happy, cupcakes and ponies girl until you mess with her. Ryan and Brianna go upstairs somewhere. Vicki needs to control her own house and not let Ryan act like he worked for it. PTSD, perhaps? Vicki defends Ryan’s actions blaming “stress,” but that’s no excuse. It’s scary and I hope he does not lash out this way on Brianna and their baby.

Tamra then reaches out to Gretchen about their status. Gretchen doesn’t like that Tamra told her negative things about Vicki and Alexis but befriended them days later. Tamra said she wanted to tell Gretchen what she wanted to hear. Tamra then says Gretchen lied to her about Malibu Country.

For once, Gretchen is making sense. I’m not sure why she keeps re-hashing this when they already discussed it in Whistler. I don’t like Gretchen, but why does she keep defending herself about this? They agree to move on. AGAIN. How repulsive.

The group toasts and Slade has just walked into an attack from Vicki. Vicki sneaks in how she has capitalized on Slade’s trash-talking, calling her Miss Piggy, by launching her own bacon-flavored vodka! She gives Slade the first bottle and Slade, feeling targeted, stands up for himself.

This starts a fight between Vicki and Slade with Gretchen of course chiming in to back up her man. Lydia, who was told she needed to eat a cheeseburger by Slade, backs Vicki agreeing that Slade needs to stop offending women by bashing their looks. Slade says their comments to him have also hurt. I guess he has a point…?

Bottom line is, all of these people are guilty of all the things they all accuse each other of doing. Like I previously said, it’s hard to root for any specific person because they are all hypocrites. I will go with Lydia, though, because she is new. Let’s hope she doesn’t become trash next season.

End of season rundown:
Vicki broke up with Brooks, got back with him, then broke up again. She’s going to do what she wants, basically. As she should!
Briana is moving into an apartment with her baby Troy, while Ryan is still in Afghanistan.
Heather and Terry will be celebrating 16 years of marriage. Malibu Country has been cancelled, and she will be working on their new house.
Alexis is happy she’s friends with the group again, and feels stronger than ever after last year.
Tamra reveals that just because she’s changed, it doesn’t mean you can piss her off! CUT Fitness is doing great and she is marrying Eddie.
Lydia has become closer than ever with Judy, who still smokes pot.
Gretchen is engaged to Slade, who is jobless. Again.
The season ends as the girls pose for group photos. If this doesn’t prove how fake this show is…

Let’s discuss the finale! What was the most shocking part for you? How excited are you for the reunion?

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