RHONJ Recap: Teresa Giudice And Jac Laurita Come Face-To-Face!


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Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a bit different from previous episodes this season simply because it finally didn’t have much drama. This weeks episode begins with Melissa Gorga visiting her husband “working.” While she’s there, Joe Gorga reveals he will doing a billboard for a tanning salon and wants his wife to do it with him. Melissa tells him she won’t because Teresa did a commercial for them and since the two are finally at peace, she doesn’t want Teresa to think she’s doing stuff despite her or copying her. I thought it was considerate of Melissa to not do something so that it wouldn’t upset Teresa.

Speaking of Teresa, she is preparing dinner for Melissa and Joe to come over for Sunday dinner. Teresa’s children are so excited for their cousins to come over and it melts my heart. These cousins just want to be together and finally it’s happening.

Before Melissa goes to Teresa’s for dinners she stops by Jacquelines and Caroline too is over. Melissa tells Jac that she and Teresa have made peace. It kind of felt like Melissa thought she needed to explain why she made peace with her sister-in-law. That’s when Caroline tells Jacqueline that Teresa is going to call her (as if Caroline didn’t already tell Jac this the second she got home.) Caroline adds that she wants Jac and Teresa to get civil so that Jac can focus on what’s important and that’s her son Nicolas.

Melissa and Joe finally end up going to Teresa’s for dinner and everything is wonderful. The kids are happy the adults are laughing and Melissa brings up that she talked to Jacqueline. Teresa then says in an interview that Jac is crazy and had 800 pages of information of Danielle Staub faxed to her when they stopped being friends. Teresa is annoyed that Jacqueline does insane things when she stops being friends with someone like go on a twitter spree and bashing Teresa who she claimed was her friend for 10 years. Overall they had a great dinner.

Melissa later is shooting the cover of her book and it’s quite clear Melissa truly loves herself and I just can’t take it serious because the whole concept of this book is laughable and whoever the agent is seriously is desperate to have signed Melissa for this. Joe too is shooting his commercial for the tanning salon and it suddenly makes sense. Melissa and Joe are truly obsessed with themselves and LOVE being in front of the camera. It’s actually quite uncomfortable to watch.

Jacqueline is out with CJ when Teresa calls her and invites her out to talk about things so that they could be civil. Jac agrees to meet with Teresa and suggest that Teresa comes to her home but Teresa doesn’t feel like that’s a good idea considering what happened the last time she went to her home and felt attacked by Caroline and Jac.

Jacqueline and Teresa finally come face to face meeting at a restaurant while both their husbands are in attendance. Juicy and Chris get a separate table and talk things out. They’re over it and want to move on. Jacqueline and Teresa on the other hand have a lot to talk about because they both truly feel hurt by one another. Teresa is honest and tells Jacqueline that she believes she is evil but Jac doesn’t seem like very reactive to anything Teresa is saying..

Until next week we will see Jac and Teresa settle things and finally make peace!

Best part of Sunday’s episode: Melissa asking her children to congratulate Joe Gorga on his billboard and Gino saying “Congrats, Stupid.” Then justifying his actions by adding, “It’s just a billboard!” LOL. Best part of tonight’s episode by far!

Thoughts on Jac coming face to face with Teresa? Let’s Discuss!

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