RHONJ Recap: The Gang Hug It Out…For Now!


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Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey started with Joe Gorga and Teresa talking and unfortunately we had to watch as Teresa broke down and cried to her brother once again. Joe Gorga hugged his sister as she broke into tears but I highly doubt that would have happened if Melissa was around! Just saying! Dr. V is happy to see the communication between Joe and Teresa and Joe tells Dr. V that Teresa just needs to change her ways without taking any responsibility himself. Typical. Teresa’s response? She doesn’t argue or disagree. She just says okay. Something I doubt Joe or Melissa would ever do. Speaking of the devil, Teresa then suggest on her own that Dr. V bring in Melissa. Before Melissa gets brought in. The gang are sitting at the table and Caroline is starting to call out Melissa’s bullshit. Knew she would eventually see the light!

Melissa then joins Dr. V, her husband, and Teresa. Melissa walks into it thinking Dr. V will not be able to make anything better. Melissa was not having it the entire time she sat down, rolling her eyes, having a bad attitude, and being negative about everything. Dr. V then calls Melissa out saying Melissa seems like she wants to be in conflict. Melissa blames all the drama going on with her on Kim D and Teresa says that she will not hang out with Kim D if they stop hanging out with Jacqueline. Teresa genuinely seems like she will do just about anything to make things right while Melissa seems to be getting irritated that there issues may end up getting resolved. Melissa seems like she likes it way better when Joe and his sister are fighting. Melissa then tells Dr. V that Teresa has said things about her marriage continuing to put the blame on her. Funny considering just two episodes ago, Melissa said Juicy cheats on Teresa and that he doesn’t even love her. Remember, Melissa “two wrongs don’t make a right” and FYI I’m quoting Melissa on that!

Melissa finally loosens up after being called out many times from Dr. V and says she will try but adds that it may be hard because she’s been through so much..I can’t. I just can’t deal with how stupid Melissa sounds. Melissa has been through so much? How does she think Joe’s parents are feeling right now? Their family gets to sit and watch as brother and sister attack each other episode after episode. It’s humiliating for any family to go through but Melissa wouldn’t know that since it isn’t happening to her family. Teresa then gets up and hugs Melissa and apologizes for everything saying she would never intentionally try to hurt them. Teresa tells Melissa she loves her but Melissa just gives her an awkward hug back until Dr. V makes them give each other a real hug.

Dr. V now wants Juicy to join the gang and he doesn’t seem like he wants to be there but is willing to for his wife. Dr. V asks Juicy why he charged at Joe Gorga and Juicy says that is not what happened. Melissa and Joe say nothing even though they know it was Joe who charged at Juicy. Juicy Joe says that he doesn’t like when Joe Gorga calls his sister names but apologizes both to Joe and Melissa kissing and hugging them. Juicy obviously wanted to be done with it but it was nice to see him act that way considering Joe Gorga would never and just attacked him a couple hours before.

Dr. V finally leaves and Teresa thanks Caroline for coming by even though she did nothing. Still-it seemed genuine. The guys go ice fishing while the girls start cooking and Melissa decides to get drunk. I think Melissa needed drinks after coming to the realization that Joe and Teresa are finally fine. The guys come back and have dinner and Melissa is drunk at this point calling out Kathy and saying some odd things to Rosie. Richie then tells Joe Gorga that he needs to grow some balls, be a man and shut his wife up. Joe looks like a desperate school boy and responds, “Leave her alone. She’s drunk.”

Juicy then tells Caroline that he thought Jac and Chris were going to come so he brought Chris’s favorite wine that he would drink when they were friends. It’s obvious that Juicy misses his friend. Surprisingly, Richie then says that it would be a good idea if Juicy reaches out to Chris and gives him the drink himself. After dinner they all seem a little tipsy and start catching each other. Teresa says she wants to catch Caroline but Caroline blindsides her and says only if Teresa promises to talk to Jac when she gets back home to resolve their issues. Teresa contemplates then agrees.

Back in Jersey, Jacqueline and Chris are having dinner and Jacqueline mentions Teresa’s name as usual out of no where. And she wonders why people think she is obsessed with her? Chris and Jac enjoy a date night and I still question how the hell Jac even got Chris to marry her!

At the retreat, everyone finally is ready to call it a night and Teresa and Juicy stay up to talk about how she promised Caroline that she would reach out to Jacqueline. Teresa tells Juicy it’s going to be hard but he says that she needs to let go of the past and fix things. I don’t always agree with Juicy but he’s a smart guy when he wants to be and he’s right!

Next week we’ll get to see Jac and Teresa finally face off! Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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