Alexis Bellino Explains Why She Didn’t Call Gretchen About Grayson’s Illness!


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On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi called out her former BFF Alexis Bellino for only tweeting about Gretchen’s fiances illness instead of reaching out to call her and check on her.

Alexis explained that the two weren’t on speaking terms and that is why she didn’t call her but is now tweeting about the situation after being called out by some Gretchen fans! Check out the tweets below

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One viewer said, “when Grayson was ill, you’d have done that in private if you truly cared.”

Gretchen responded, “Exactly! Why is it ok for her to do something publicly but when I did, she said I should of done it privately? #doublestandards”

Alexis responded, “My public tweet was a retweet for Grayson’s fun trying 2 help u raise $$ for him.”

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I don’t understand how Gretchen is comparing the two situations. No matter what, Alexis will never win in Gretchen’s eyes and Gretchen is odd for comparing her blasting her supposed BFF and Alexis doing a good deed for someone who turned on her. Who’s side are you on? Gretchen or Alexis?

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