Heather Dubrow Calls Out Gretchen Rossi Regarding Texts She Read Out To Slade!


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On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi read text messages from Heather Dubrow making the situation look different then it was without reading the full conversation out loud. Heather is now blogging about the texting trouble saying Gretchen was the one who texted her first and asked her a question pointing out she failed to mention that to Slade!

“I was pretty disappointed to see Gretchen read my text message to Slade with that rude “sing songy” voice. It was interesting to me that she neglected to mention that I was answering HER question in that text. Gretchen had asked if I believed the Malibu County producers were intentionally pitting us against each other. My answer was “No, these are two separate roles from different areas of the production. I was called by the exec producers and you were called by casting for a different type of role.” I was trying to explain there was no conspiracy here. When you take it out of context it certainly looks different. So if that was her intention, it worked.

I’m sorry Gretchen thinks I feel in any way competitive with her. This is hardly the case. I’ve always been very supportive of her and her many endeavors. I just didn’t like how she used a role that was written off the show as a manipulative tool against Tamra. Period. Gretchen can keep deflecting this into something else, but that’s the truth.

The site for our new home! Wow, I love this lot! So beautiful! So exciting to build a new house. Terry and I worked really well together (mostly!) last time we built from the ground up, so it’s exciting to do it again!
I love hearing Terry say that he wants to work less and be around more. . .It hasn’t happened yet!!! He seems to be busier than ever. But everyone is happy and excited for our new adventure!”

After Heather explaining her side of the texting story, I’m relieved because she did sound a bit bitter but now that it’s clear Heather was only responding to a question, it makes sense! Thoughts on what Heather had to say?

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