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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Mercedes Javid Blasts “Opportunistic, Fake” Lilly Ghalichi, Reveals She Is On The Mend With Reza, And Describes Season 3!

Mercedes Javid had a tough season two of Shahs of Sunset when her best friend of many years, Reza, called her out on many things including her alleged pill and alcohol problem and what he perceived was her lack of dedication to her career.

AllAboutTRH caught up with the real estate agent and reality star at Asa Soltan’s Diamond Water launch party last week so of course I had to talk to her. MJ seems like a blast to party with, and after taking some “selfies” with me and making sure her boobs didn’t spill out of her dress, we got to talking.

MJ dished on season three and how everyone gets down to the grits (as in the nitty-gritty, not the Southern food), Reza, and what she really thinks of Lilly Ghalichi! Check out our exclusive interview below:

AllAboutTRH: How’s season three going? Is it better for you than last season?
Mercedes Javid: I think season three is better because it’s scarier for all of us.

AllAboutTRH: How so?
MJ: The longer the cameras roll, the mor†e you forget they’re there. The more comfortable you get and every season we’re more and more comfortable. It gets down to the grits of us. It’s just going to be an even more raw season.

AllAboutTRH: Have you and Reza worked on your friendship since last season’s reunion?
MJ: We’re doing better. A lot better. I go back and forth, between, I love him like a brother, and still want to kill him if I think about something he did before. I want to suffocate him. But when I see his face I just melt.

AllAboutTRH: And have you been able to befriend Lilly?
MJ: I hate her.

AllAboutTRH: Really?
MJ: Yeah. She’s an opportunistic bitch.

AllAboutTRH: So you guys aren’t doing any better?
MJ: Why should I? She’s just nothing but a user. She’s fake from head to toe, inside and out, and I’m not talking about her looks. Nobody’s friends with her, we all hate her.

AllAboutTRH: ALL of you?
MJ: All of us!

AllAboutTRH: Is she the “villain” on season three…?
MJ: She’s always the villain.

AllAboutTRH: Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans and supporters?
MJ: Thank you for supporting me as a career-driven, self-made, stand on my own two feet, super real…I’m not even trying to sugar coat it. And I’m there for everybody. Kind of, like being a ride or die with my fans just like they are for me.

I think MJ might have been a few Diamond Water cocktails in at this point, but she was honestly so fun and very sweet, and clearly very raw about her feelings toward Lilly! Are you surprised that she hasn’t moved forward with her?

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