RHOC Recap: The Craziness And The Lies Continues In Whistler!


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We’re back in Whistler with the Real Housewives of Orange County right after Vicki’s explosion atop the snow mountain. Vicki tells Tamra that she’s ashamed for letting Lauri’s gossip get to her and causing her to boil over. Lauri comes in to the Jesus crew’s hotel room and tells Lydia and Alexis that her frustration with Vicki stems from years ago.

It turns out that Vicki received a nasty e-mail about George Peterson from his ex-mother-in-law. Instead of telling Lauri about it, Vicki she showed Jeanna Keough, who then showed it to other women and eventually came back to Lauri. Can we get better storylines? Like…

Anyway, over at dinner Lauri accuses Vicki of trying to intimidate her. Lauri goes over the Gretchen cheating on Jeff rumors from years ago and they call Vicki a hypocrite, which Vicki says is just irony. Gretchen then tries to tell us the difference between irony and hypocrisy, and I think I just lost all my brain cells listening to her vocabulary lesson.

Vicki goes off yet again pointing out a lie that Lauri just said. She starts slamming the table and tells Lauri she will rip the eyeballs out of her head. Note to self: never piss off the O.G. of the O.C. Gretchen rehashes Vicki calling her a cheater and a gold digger. Vicki says she does not recall, which pisses me off because I’ve been on her side and now she has no accountability.

On the flip side, if Gretchen has to rehash drama from past seasons for relevancy maybe it’s time to leave the show.

Vicki refuses to regurgitate throw up. Throw up being that gossip from years ago. Vicki throws Tamra in and says she also accused Gretchen of all those things. Vicki refuses to believe that Tamra and Gretchen have gotten past that. Vicki reminds Gretchen that her marriage is over, so who cares about her “indiscrepancies.” She meant indiscretions, guys.

Vicki tells Lauri to eff off basically. Lauri then tries to clear up drama from eight years ago regarding that e-mail about George. If she remained friends with Vicki after the e-mail, why is she trying to hash it out now? Oh yeah, for camera time. If she is so hurt, why didn’t she say anything back when she was still on the show? This is so exhausting to watch.

Gretchen and Tamra then discuss her lie about Malibu Country in order to try to get out of wedding dress shopping. Gretchen denies lying to Tamra. So now Heather is the liar? Someone is lying here and I guess we will find out at the reunion. Gretchen then says Vicki being cool with Tamra again is making things awkward. They hug it out.

The next day the women go on a snowmobile adventure, cake face and all. And Gretchen of course, with her snow bunny Ghostbusters costume. It’s a lighter moment and it’s funny to see Vicki talk a big game and then almost drive off into the creek. Tamra pees on the snow and it becomes a snowball fight. They poke fun at each other and their fight from last night, and these girls are officially insane.

Heather is back in California to shoot Malibu Country. She calls Tamra to catch up. Tamra tells Heather that Gretchen continues to say she had a role on Malibu Country. Tamra admits that she’s having trouble trusting Gretchen and she believes she never really stopped being a liar. Uh oh…the beginning of the end.

Once Heather gets home from filming, she is greeted warmly by her entire family and she reveals Terry is completely supportive now, as opposed to when she did Hot In Cleveland. She is feeling like she’s getting a good balance of being her creative, actress self and still being a housewife and mother. Plus, Terry and her are doing better than ever.

The girls head to another dinner where Vicki is horny and all the girls tease her about it. She ended up taking her sexual frustration on a freakin’ wine glass! They then head to an ice room for vodka tasting where Tamra decides to lick the ice wall. Of course, nothing good comes out of it. Her tongue is stuck and she ends up ripping some of the skin off. OUCH!

Dinner ends with Vicki giving an inspirational speech about laughter! Lydia feels bonded with the group, and Vicki feels officially back on with Tamra. Next week looks juicy, though. Alexis discusses things with her former BFF, Gretchen. She records a song for Slade, which is kind of frightening. And then, Vicki confronts Brooks about the accusations Lauri made about him!

All in all I thought tonight’s episode was pretty uninteresting, actually. Give me the reunion already! Let’s discuss! Do you think Gretchen is still lying? What do you predict for the season finale coming up?

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