RHONJ Recap: Melissa Gorga Continues To Prove Just What A Hypocrite She Is While Joe Gorga Gets His Ass Kicked!


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Does anyone else’s blood boil while watching Real Housewives of New Jersey? It’s gotten to the point where it’s absolutely disgusting. I’m sick of seeing everyone of these people tear each other town and embarrass themselves on national TV. I can’t imagine how their parents feel about this show.

Sunday’s episode begins with Joe and Melissa getting ready for the retreat that Teresa has planned. I don’t understand why they are even going since they are being so negative about the situation. Joe Gorga says that the retreat is going to be miserable but apparently cares about mending things? Melissa Gorga clearly hates her sister-in-law and calls out Teresa for doing things such as hanging with her “old” friends. As you know, Teresa hung out with Melissa’s BFF/bridesmaid who ended up not liking Melissa. Melissa isn’t happy that Teresa did this which I found funny considering Melissa has the audacity to hang out with Teresa’s old friends. Cough cough. Jacqueline AND Caroline.

Melissa, Joe Gorga, Kathy, Richie, and Rosie are headed to the retreat and continue to bash Teresa while she isn’t there to defend herself. Melissa goes so low in tonight’s episode that she starts bashing Teresa’s marriage to Joe. Remember last season Melissa claimed that she drew the line on talking about other peoples marriages? Looks like the real Melissa has finally come out to play because she had a LOT to say about Teresa’s marriage on the bus. Melissa went so far that she said Joe Giudice doesn’t even love Teresa AND that he is a cheater. And what did Joe say? Nothing. These two make me sick. They all obviously don’t want to go to this retreat but know they have to considering Bravo is forcing them. It’s clear only Rosie and Teresa are on board to make things better.

There was a scene with Caroline and Albert and Jacqueline and Chris but honestly, I just don’t care to get into it. It was like a waste of 15 minutes to watch. All I know is Jacqueline needs to stop going on twitter and bashing people when she doesn’t like what happened in a situation. You’re over 40 not 12 years old. Know the difference, Jac.

Teresa and Joe are first to get to the retreat and the place is extremely nice. Shortly after Melissa and the gang walk in and call out Teresa behind her back for being friendly when she opens the door. I don’t get it. What do they want from Teresa? How do they want her to act? They too were being friendly back. I don’t understand why Teresa is called out for every last thing she does! Teresa brings up the tweet that Jac put on twitter and Melissa says she doesn’t check twitter or care to discuss someone’s name that isn’t even there. REALLY, Melissa? This is coming from the same person who has spoken about Teresa to anyone who would listen while Teresa wasn’t there! Melissa is the queen of hypocrisy! Joe Giudice is over Jacqueline because he believes that Jac doesn’t really understand what she does. I don’t know about you but I’m loving Juicy this season. He had me LOLing the entire episode.

Richard Wakile had no business being at the retreat considering he was negative the entire time and throwing jabs at Teresa when Teresa didn’t even give him any attention. I think that’s why he does it. He knows the more he talks about Teresa the more attention and air time he will get. Bravo, Richie. You’re not AS dumb as I thought.

The gang are having lunch and everything is just super awkward. You could cut the tension with a knife and finally Steve and Stephanie enter the building to help solve the Gorga/Giudices issues! Melissa questions Steve and Stephanie because they look young..Don’t let looking young fool you. I understand Melissa isn’t educated but that doesn’t mean that other young people are the same way as her. They begin with an activity that is unusual and Melissa finds a way to bash Joe Giudice on the interview basically accusing him of being dumb and that he probably enjoys the activity because he can comprehend it. First off, of everyone there, I’d say Joe Giudice is the most intelligent one. Melissa should not speak about someone being intelligent being that her husband and Richie both can’t spell or read. Just look at their twitter! What really irks me is the fact that Melissa continues to put people down and claimed last season how she hates how others can put people down. Again, we see Melissa show us just what a hypocrite she is.

The activity is over and Joe Giudice and Rosie go outside to have a cigarette to allow the others to hash things out but everything just gets messy. Joe Gorga says his sister isn’t loyal but he’s the one who hangs out with people who hate her and I’m not talking about his wife either. Teresa brings back the Poshe Fashion Show ONLY because that’s the last time they spoke and and starts calling Teresa poison AND admits once again that she is moving because of Teresa’s children. Melissa then screams and reminds Teresa that she is a Gorga to piss Teresa off. Melissa is enjoying it and for that I truly believe she is evil. Joe Gorga then starts going at it with Teresa while Melissa stands in the background egging him on. Teresa tells Joe he needs to stick with his blood and Joe says he won’t stick with scum. Kathy calls out Joe Gorga because he OBVIOUSLY is in the wrong. That’s when Teresa walks out and tells Giudice what happened and that she wants to leave. Joe Giudice has had enough. He walks in there and demands Gorga apologize to his sister and Gorga suddenly attacks Giudice and gets his ass kicked in the process.

On next week’s episode we hear Melissa plead to Teresa to help her brother as Giudice continues to kick Gorgas ass? We also see Melissa get in the middle of the men fighting and put her hands on Giudice repeatedly. Melissa, first off, why the HELL would Teresa help her brother when he just called her scum AND attacked HER husband first? If Joe Gorga can’t handle getting his ass kicked then he probably shouldn’t have tried to be hard and attack Giudice!

I’m just about over this drama. In my opinion, Melissa and Joe have proven they are the nastiest people on television right simply for acting this way towards there family.

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