RHONJ Recap: Tension Revealed With Kathy And Richie While Teresa Comes Face To Face With Cousin Rosie!


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Sunday’s episode begins with Melissa Gorga speaking to her precious daughter Antonia about her new book! Joe Gorga is on his way home from his run-in with Teresa and he’s in the car saying all kinds of crazy things to himself. He starts mocking his conversation with Teresa and then calls Teresa a bitch several times. Nothing’s more disgraceful and disgusting than hearing a brother refer to his sister as a bitch on camera. Joe finally goes inside where he begins explaining to Melissa what had just happened at the gym. He tells Melissa about his conversation and than asks Melissa whether she bashed his sister on twitter. It’s clear Joe isn’t very twitter-savy and doesn’t check his wife’s timeline. Melissa admits that she did tweet about Teresa but doesn’t go into what she said. We are then shown a screenshot of Melissa throwing Teresa under the bus for filing for bankruptcy all because a viewer accused Melissa of renting a Chanel bag. It’s not even like Teresa was the one who accessed Melissa of renting it and then Melissa fought back by calling out T for her bankruptcy. Teresa had nothing to do with the Chanel bag comment and was still called out because Melissa believes she had it coming and deserved it? Joe is a bit taken back that Melissa has tweeted about Teresa and points out how his parents come to the house and look at Melissa like she’s the devil. I thought this was an interesting statement only because Melissa constantly says how everything is so great with her and her in-laws. I think Joe Gorga’s philosophy of being a brother is wrong. All wrong. He says that at the end of the day Teresa is his sister and he doesn’t want anyone talking about her even though he know’s she’s wrong. Is he saying she’s wrong and really believing that he’s in the right? Get a grip, Joe!

Back at the Wakile’s house, Kathy is ready to make a career out of her baking and her husband Richie is giving her a hard time. Kathy and Richie have agreed to partner up on Kathy’s new business of Cannoli set’s but don’t agree on much specifically the packaging. The two start bickering and Richie thinks Kathy doesn’t know what she’s doing because in his words exactly, “I married a housewife not an entrepreneur.” Way to have faith in your wife! Kathy mentions how she needs space in the kitchen and Richie says they will talk about that later. Kathy says she needs space because Richie is always around. Richie than surprises Kathy by renting out a kitchen outside of there home except Kathy isn’t happy because he didn’t consult any of this with her and she feels like he is always so quick to make decisions without her. Richie then starts calling Kathy annoying and the two go home and Richie begins complaining that Kathy has been slacking on cleaning the house now that she’s starting her business. I honestly don’t know how Kathy puts up with Richie. It was sad to see her get emotional in her interview. She points out how she’s been married for 21 years and it’s pretty clear she is not happy in her marriage.

Caroline is hanging out at her apartment with her Albie, Lauren and Chris. They begin opening up about how their father was not around. After seeing Caroline and Albert’s marriage the kids agree that neither of them are in a rush to get married. Chris says he doesn’t want any kids while Albie wants someone who will accept that he will be working a lot and Lauren just thinks she’s too young. Chris explains he doesn’t want children and fears having girls because he doesn’t want them to turn out bad. That’s when Lauren says in high school she wasn’t a whore because she was fat. I don’t think Lauren realizes what she says 99% of the time. So Lauren is saying people that are heavier do not get laid? Interesting…

Melissa has her mother and sister over to talk about how she is going to be opening up about her father in her book that is about successful marriages. Melissa says she wants to put in how her father would leave for a few days and it’s making her mother uncomfortable. Melissa explains that she wants her families approval before putting some of her past out there. Melissa continues to say that seeing her father leave made her the great wife that she is today because she know’s how to never want to make a man leave her basically insulting her mother in which her sister even gives her an odd look. The entire conversation was just weird.

Rosie reaches out to Teresa so they could talk about there problems. I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty obvious that Rosie is trying to get more air time. They go out for drinks hoping they could move forward from things but Rosie starts making a scene, screaming, and banging her fist at the table. It was embarrassing to watch considering everyone was staring at them. Rosie starts settling down and everything becomes okay. Teresa then reveals she is planning a retreat for her and her brother. Teresa wants to fix things no matter what the circumstances are and you’d be blind not to see that. I was glad that the two left on a good note!

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