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Melissa Gorga Bothered That Caroline Did Not Include Her, Claims She Refused To Film Visiting Teresa’s Dad At Hospital!


Melissa Gorga recently did a Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter, discussing the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The magazine asked about the family drama that we have seen unfold so far, and Melissa gives her take on some of the things that have gone down.

That including Caroline leaving her out of her mediation. Melissa also claims that she was asked to film visiting her dad in the hospital but refused because she did not want his illness put out there.

On Caroline deciding to mediate between the Gorgas and Giudices via Joe and Teresa, but leaving Melissa out of it:

Gorga: I love Caroline and her kids. I think she’s great. But at the time of filming, I was frustrated because she kept talking to Joe without including me. I was stressed out, and I could have used her help as well, so I think that’s what that was about. It was more like, “What about me?” Watching it, I get why she wanted to help Joe out and give him advice.

On whether or not she went to visit her father-in-law in the hospital when he was ill:

Gorga: I think that was not only a misunderstanding, but it really was none of anybody’s business. My husband was the one who rushed him to the hospital. He got up in the middle of the night. Teresa was not there that night. My husband was, and he was coming down with something. My father-in-law knew it. He knew I was not feeling good and didn’t want us anywhere near the hospital. It was shocking to see the whole thing play out. It caught me completely off guard. I never thought in a million years that someone would have confronted me about that. And the sad part about it was it was at a child’s birthday party. I thought it was the wrong time to approach me. A lot of people don’t know they asked to film me, like everybody else, going to the hospital, and I refused. I didn’t want to expose his sickness on TV. I had no idea Teresa was filming with him.

Correct me if I’m wrong but did we ever see footage of Teresa’s dad in his bed like she claims Teresa filmed? Also, Caroline already said that Melissa told her to leave her out of the drama. So confusing. And honestly, I’m kind of over this season already.

Melissa also talks about the upcoming cast trip to Lake George, NY and what happens there. She also plugs her new book and what made her want to write it. Check it out at the!

Thoughts on what Melissa had to say?

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