RHONJ Recap: Teresa And Joe Come Face To Face And Things Get Ugly!


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Real Housewives of New Jersey begins with Melissa explaining what happened at Joe Gorga’s God daughter’s birthday and he looks like he’s doing just fine considering he complained that he was sick the day before. Melissa continues to claim on the episode that she went and visited her father-in-law a day or two later but recently admitted she did go 4 days later and stayed for an hour. I think it’s funny that Melissa speaks poorly about Teresa in front of all three of her children considering she made it such an issue when Teresa spoke about Melissa in front of her kids. The hypocrisy continues. I feel like I say that every week but it’s true. To say these housewives are hypocrites would be an understatement. Melissa tells Joe that the argument at Gia’s birthday got her “emotional” towards the end. LOL. Anyone else laugh at this? She didn’t seem very emotional, she just seemed lost. Teresa is back at home explaining things to her hubby. I think it’s funny that they both act like they waited the next day to tell the story when they probably told their spouse the second it happened. You know it’s true! Antonia continues to watch as Melissa bashes her aunty. Regardless, the kids know what’s going on whether they hear about it or not. They’re not stupid and it’s pretty clear the parents have issues.

Kathy is having dinner with her mother and Rosie. Am I the only one that gets annoyed of Rosie’s aggressive behavior? Kathy brings up how she sent her children to see Teresa’s father in the hospital which I truly respected. Kathy obviously is no longer speaking to Teresa or her family but that didn’t stop her from having her kids go see him. Kathy points out how Teresa’s father and her mother don’t speak. Rosie is disgusted that Teresa’s father doesn’t show Kathy’s mother respect. But did Rosie forget that Kathy failed to show her uncle any respect at the reunion when she called him a coward? Why exactly should Teresa’s father show respect when Kathy didn’t?

Melissa Gorga is meeting up with some publishers that have no idea what her book is even about. Odd, right? Melissa describes her book as a ‘bible for marriage.’ Melissa then opens up about her father who has sadly passed away. I couldn’t even imagine that happening considering I am best friends with my father. Back to the book: I don’t really understand how you’re going to write a book about having a perfect marriage when you’ve only been married for 8 years? I mean, what credential does that give you? If you’ve been successfully married for 25 years and have gone through things that’s completely different but 8 years? I’ll pass on picking up that book…Melissa continues to open up about her father saying she has trust issues with other men because he cheated on her mother. She then says how she was so happy to marry Joe because Joe was just like her father. Confused? Me too. If Melissa truly had trust issues with men how the hell did she get engaged to a man she only knew for two months? Doesn’t really sound like a girl with trust issues! Melissa then opens up about how she doesn’t want to say certain things about her father in the book while she continues to say them while the cameras are rolling.

Jacqueline has her trainer come over to work out except they don’t really do any working out. Jacqueline tells her trainer that Teresa thinks she is a stalker for going to the same gym Teresa goes too. I don’t blame Teresa for thinking that way. Jacqueline admits she never goes to the gym because she doesn’t like working out in front of people then shows up to the gym that Teresa goes to everyday? Maybe Teresa thinks Jacqueline stalks her because she harasses her on twitter and stalks all of Teresa’s tweets!

Teresa heads over to the nail place with her mother-in-law. So cute to see them bond. Teresa respects her mother-in-law and even calls her ‘ma!’ It’s Richie and Victoria’s birthday party and the whole crowd seems to be talking about Teresa and she’s not even around! Of course Melissa decided to bring up what happened at Gia’s birthday to the ladies. Joe Gorga claims Teresa is obsessed with Melissa yet Melissa can’t stop bringing up Teresa! It seems like while Melissa is telling her side, Caroline is setting Melissa straight for also being in the wrong and not making the situation better. Melissa then takes to her interview to say Caroline is off on what she’s saying because Caroline’s not agreeing with her. I think it’s time Melissa quits playing the victim. Caroline says that Teresa wants nothing to do with Kathy or Melissa which is weird because Teresa never actually said that. This sets Kathy off which then sets Rosie off. Rosie starts acting all kinds of crazy at the birthday which upsets Victoria.

The next day, Teresa is at the gym working out when she spots her brother. Now what are the chances that Joe is at the gym Teresa goes too during the day? Producers must have asked him to show up. FYI Joe Gorga recently flaunted a photo of him working out at a gym that so happened to be Planet Fitness not the one featured on RHONJ. Teresa stops working out and approaches Joe. It’s funny how Joe isn’t man enough to go up to his own sister. Knowing him he would ignore her the entire time just because he didn’t want to approach her first. Kids think like that. Joe seems to have the same mentality as children. Teresa genuinely loves being around her brother and is all smiles seeing him. It’s been a year since she’s last seen him but she’s still making jokes and laughing while he’s being totally stand offish. Joe Gorga immediately blames his problem with his parents on Teresa. Joe starts saying Teresa is obsessed with Melissa. Teresa then points out how Melissa will tweet negative things about her and Joe responds that Teresa does the same which is absolutely not true. Teresa has never tweeted anything about her other castmates and have ignored everything they’ve ever said via twitter. I don’t understand why Joe Gorga can’t call out Teresa and Melissa on both of their wrong doings and be civil. That would help instead of being so one sided. I get Melissa is his wife but Teresa is his blood and they were always close up until Melissa showed up. I think it’s sad that Joe Gorga starts bringing up how Joe Giudice called Teresa a c*nt and then says he is a bad husband and father knowing Gia clearly watches this. Joe then says Teresa f*cked his life. Is he serious? Maybe if he and his wife didn’t come on this show behind his sisters back none of the drama with his parents would be happening since they were fine before the show. So over Joe Gorga. He is a sad human being. I can’t imagine ANY brother acting the way Joe does towards their sister especially on TV!

Next week RHONJ looks like more drama with Rosie trying to get more air time by asking Teresa to meet with her. Nothing makes me more mad than the fact that Milania was not in tonight’s episode…thoughts on what went down on RHONJ? Let’s Discuss….

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