Kim D Regrets Calling Kathy Wakile Fat, Explains Why She Questioned Melissa At Gia’s Party!



Kim De Paola is in full swing on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey! She has struck already in this week’s episode, confronting Melissa about when, or whether she had already visited her sick father-in-law, Teresa’s dad, in the hospital.

Kim D is taking to her Facebook blog post to discuss her involvement in this week’s episode. She writes that it was not nice to make fun of Kathy Wakile’s figure, and reveals that Teresa felt that Melissa, Jacqueline, and Kathy coming to Teresa’s gym at the same time she normally goes, felt like an invasion of privacy:

Hi dolls, I’m back! For those of you who didn’t see last week’s post, I have started my own blog so that I can share my opinions and viewpoints on Season 5. Here are my thoughts on episode 3:

Teresa has been working out religiously for a while now. It is rare when she comes into Posche and hasn’t just been at the gym! She goes the same time every morning. On this particular day, Teresa happened to go earlier than usual because she was going to the hospital to visit her father. She was of course aware that Melissa is a member at the same gym, however they have never crossed paths before because they go at different times during the day. While we were sitting in Kafe Neo, Teresa got the call from Linda saying that she had just seen Melissa at Get Fit with Jacqueline and Kathy (who are not members there) at the same exact time she normally works out everyday. She was a little taken aback. For many people the gym is a personal sanctuary; a place where we can go to de-stress and forget about our problems. Their timing was just too coincidental, and Teresa felt it was a bit of an invasion of her privacy.

I would like to quickly touch upon the comment I made over coffee in regards to Kathy’s weight. It was meant as a joke in the heat of the moment, however I would like to state for the record that I feel all women, any shapes and sizes, are beautiful. It is not nice to call people fat.

The scenes with Nicholas are so emotional and heartwarming to me. Jacq is an incredibly dedicated and loving mother. As her friend, I really admire her strength and am very proud of her.

On to Gia’s birthday party, Kim D is explaining why she questioned Melissa about the hospital situation! She reveals that it was the elephant in the room and that it was weighing in on Teresa’s mind. Kim D says:

I love Gia, and have watched her grow into a beautiful, well-mannered, poised young lady. At only 12 years old, she helps Teresa take care of Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana, not only like a big sister, but like a second mom. Gia is truly wonderful, and the scene of her and Joe is as sweet as Gellotti’s ice cream!

Lastly, I give Melissa a lot of credit for insisting on taking the kids by herself to Gia’s birthday party when Joe had pneumonia. She was making strides to mend their relationship and allow the cousins to be together again. Everyone is probably wondering why I questioned Melissa about visiting her father-in-law in the hospital. The answer is simple: There was an elephant in the room. Everyone was talking about it, and it was putting a damper on the mood of the party in the “adult room”. Teresa is my friend and it was weighing on her mind. So I pulled Melissa aside and came right out with it. When I say “defend yourself”, it was my way of saying here’s your chance to tell your side of the story and end it here and now. Unfortunately, peace was not made and Melissa took the kids and left the party early. No one wanted her to leave, but the elephant proved to be too big for everyone.

Thoughts on Kim D’s involvement? Should she have confronted Melissa with that question?

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