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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Producers Remind Teresa And Kim D What To Say While Taping RHONJ!

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How real is reality TV? Not that real according to an employee of ‘Kafe Neo.’ Kafe Neo is where Teresa Giudice and Kim D hung out at while taping a scene for season 5 of RHONJ and an anonymous employee tells AllAboutTRH that producers had to constantly remind Kim D and Teresa on what to say while they made conversation. The employee also reveals that producers asked Teresa and Kim D to reshoot some scenes!

My source tells me,

“In a recent episode, when they show Kim D with Teresa, they edited it to make it seem like she was leaving St. Josephs hospital in Paterson after her father’s heart surgery. This is not true. That morning Teresa and Kim D met at kafe neo in totowa for breakfast. I work there, so was allowed to come with family in order to fill the restaurant without having random customers disturbing the shoot. From what i overheard at my table, it was a conversation about teresa’s new fitness endeavors and obsession. she was dressed like that because she was shooting a fitness class that morning. Coincidentally, caroline and melissa and jacqueline were also shooting at a gym in the area that morning. So expect for melissa to play up a new fitness storyline this season to compete with teresas.

And also kim d was consoling her about her father, in my opinion as a way of proving why her and teresa are still friends. They both were actually very nice and funny making all of us laugh and taking the time to small chat with everyone there. A little insight into their filming, they had to refilm them both coming into the restaurant and eatting breakfast. The producers had to keep reminding them to ask about certain things and make sure the conversation was going in the right direction. If teresa stumbled her words too bad, they would start over and reenact the scene.

just like teresa and joe at dinner, this part of her filming was entirely cut out. the producers seemingly just wanted her to be with kim d when she got the text from caroline, which is such a “coincidence” considering everyone holds teresa’s continuing friendship with kim d against her. caroline even brings it up at their confrontation in the same episode. this is only one of probably multiple incidents where teresa and kim film together, for it to only meet the cutting room floor.”

The source continued,

“I just found the whole thing quite funny, because the producers promised my employers cameratime and exposure for at least our restaurant logo, and instead nothing but the parking lot made the final cut.”

Oh how interesting it is to know the inside details of what really goes on. Are you surprised by any of this?

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