Alexis Bellino Explains Her Agreement To Disagree With Heather, Calls Gretchen ‘Jealous And Territorial’



Alexis Bellino was finally integrated back into the group on this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County. After her first attempt at Tamra’s CUT Fitness dinner party went south very quickly, Alexis got to a cordial place with both Tamra and Heather courtesy of frenemy whisperer Lydia.

Alexis writes in her Bravo blog this week about her face-to-face coffee date with Heather. Alexis reveals that she just wanted to let Heather know that it wasn’t just Costa Rica she had an issue with, but the entire last season as a whole. In the end, she didn’t get through to Heather, so she decided to “agree to disagree”. Alexis says:

I was surprised and a little leery that Heather wanted to meet. Hearing her say that hopefully we can have an intelligent conversation was exactly what I was thinking — since the last time we were together she held her ears and sang “la la la la la.”

I didn’t know what to expect at coffee, but I wanted to move on and replace all the negative energy in my life with positivity. I wanted to hear her side, and I wanted to be heard, but I wanted to be treated with respect during it. The conversation went around in circles for a while, and we definitely did not see eye-to-eye on several topics. Many of our disagreements involve timelines and factors that are nearly impossible to prove.

However, the main point I was trying to get across during coffee was that it wasn’t the isolated incident in Costa Rica that hurt my feelings so badly. It was the entire season of hearing Heather insult me or gossip about me to the other ladies or in her interviews. Once I realized this wasn’t happening, I knew the old adage “let’s agree to disagree” was the premise of our conversation. I honestly just wanted a sincere apology for my feelings being so hurt on several occasions. Regardless, I am very happy to say that we have both put the past behind us, and Heather and I are in a better place now.

Onto Alexis’s other involvement this week: Gretchen was so clearly bothered by Tamra inviting Alexis to her wedding dress selection day. The newly zen Tamra who wants to move on with Alexis thought it’d be nice to incorporate her back into the cast but Gretchen obviously didn’t get the “we’re being cool with Alexis now” memo and was trying to pressure Tamra to reconsider inviting Alexis. All Alexis has to say about that is that Gretchen is jealous of her, and territorial of Tamra:

It was interesting that Gretchen was so concerned with me attending Tamra’s dress shopping excursion. Gretchen said I have been talking smack on Tamra for the past nine months, but let’s clarify: I was simply DEFENDING myself for the past nine months to B.S. that Tamra had said about me and my husband. I wasn’t gossiping or spreading rumors about Tamra. I really hate even discussing this now because Tamra and I have worked through all of those issues. I am only bringing it up because Gretchen was delivering false information. For Gretchen to try to sway Tamra to dis-invite me, I felt she was being jealous and territorial. The sad part is this day is suppose to be a happy day where Tamra is the focus, but it seems Gretchen always has the uncanny gift of making it about herself, even on Tamra’s wedding dress day. Well, we must all wait until next week to see what happens.

I am just glad that Alexis can mingle with the girls now and we will stop seeing her useless filler scenes with Jim. I am really liking Alexis this season so it’s time to see more of her! Gretchen needs to move on and accept that the intimidation plan to boot Alexis off the show backfired and she is here to stay, at least for this season.

Do you agree or disagree with what Alexis wrote about this week’s episode?

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