RHONJ Recap: Teresa And Melissa Go At It Again!


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On this weeks episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Giudices celebrate Gia’s 12th birthday! Can you believe Gia is already 12? Remember when she was auditioning and modeling at such a young age in season 1? Where does the time go? Since it’s her birthday, Joe Giudice decides to take his oldest daughter out and spend time with her. Joe thinks Gia should spend more time with her family and I understand but she is at that age where all you want to do is hang out with your friends. Teresa and Joe give Gia the boy talk which was laugh out loud funny. Talk about uncomfortable.

Teresa has bigger problems to worry about because her dads in the hospital. Teresa has been by her dads side while her brother Joe on the other hand has not visit his father once. Why? Because apparently he is “ill” himself. I don’t care how “ill” I am. If my dads in the hospital, I’ll be by his side every second that I need too be. Melissa heads to the gym and is making fun of Kathy because she can’t seem to do what Melissa is doing. Funny how were now seeing Melissa head to the gym all of a sudden. Melissa tells Kathy she is going to take Antonia to visit her grandfather at the hospital but changes her mind when she all of a sudden realizes that her throat is hurting. Is this chick serious? Why were you okay to film a segment of you working out but you’re not okay to visit your father in law at the hospital? Could it be because you wouldn’t be filming? Probably.

It’s Gia’s birthday and Joe doesn’t show up. And the best uncle award goes to him. Not. Teresa overhears Melissa telling Kim D she visit her father in law at the hospital which ticks Teresa off because Teresa knows she is lying considering she was at the hospital. Melissa is making up tons of stories, none that add up and she looks just plain old stupid.

Were introduced to Linda and Kim D who are making comments about Kathy and Jacqueline’s weight. I didn’t care for them talking crap about the other ladies weight.

Caroline tells Jacqueline that Teresa thinks she deserves an apology in which Jacqueline LOLs at. Really Jacqueline? What if your friend went on a twitter spree blasting any secret you’ve ever told her? I think you would need more than an apology to recover from that. Jacqueline obviously has more on her plate and can care less about the drama but if she truly didn’t care..she should probably get off RHONJ!

Best part of the episode: Milania. Everything she says is unbelievably great. Kudos to her for being awesome.

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!


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