RHOC Recap: Housewives Gone Wild Down South In Mexico!


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It’s safe to say that ratchet might meet suburban blonde this week on Real Housewives of Orange County! The women are all headed south of the border to Puerto Vallarta for one of many Tamra’s bachelorette party. That’s in Mexico, unlike Costa Rica, in case you’re looking at the Alexis Bellino atlas.

In the midst of all the fun and happiness, though, Alexis is the black sheep and is still not hanging out with the girls. Happy-go-lucky Lydia comes over to Tamra’s house and tries to convince her to reach out to Alexis. Tamra admits that the right thing to do is sit down with Alexis, even though just the thought of it is killing her.

Alexis goes to dinner with Vicki and reveals that Tamra has asked her to meet and discuss their ongoing drama. Alexis explains that she’s hesitant given the hatred she feels from Tamra. Alexis being all Christian says she wants to forgive and Vicki tells her she doesn’t need to give Tamra a friendship bracelet, but just move on.

It’s a gorgeous, Southern California sunny day and Lydia accompanies Alexis to the meeting with Tamra. Lydia mediates. Tamra reflects on the CUT Fitness blow out and admits to feeling the pain in Alexis’s voice as she cried in the limo. Tamra says she wants to “stop the cycle.”

Alexis is brought to tears and tells Tamra that she doesn’t want to be their best friend, she just wants a chance. Tamra is sorry and Alexis feels that Tamra is being genuine. They all cheers to “new beginnings” and Tamra no longer being the mean girl.

Side note: Did you guys see what Lydia was wearing? WTF was that?

Gretchen then meets up with Lauri, who is weaseling her way back into RHOC. They bring up Vicki and Lauri starts to spill and tells Gretchen that she knows Vicki has never been faithful and that she has lots of skeletons in the closet. She also warns Vicki to “watch out” and Gretchen clearly eats this all up since she can’t stand Vicki.

Ripping a page out of RHONJ I see…yawn. But Lauri has more! The allegations start rolling about Vicki and her various affairs all throughout her married life, including a New Orleans menage a trois with another woman and a man!

Gretchen is shocked but loving it, and Lauri looks classless and thirsty as hell right now. Lauri justifies her actions by saying that Vicki hurt her by exposing something about her mother in law, and honestly who gives a crap? Lauri is looking so desperate right now.

All the girls start packing up and Lydia is scared to see a stripper, especially in Mexico. Is that a slightly racially unnecessary comment or is it just me? Gretchen is whining about Vicki especially because now that she knows all this dirt, she might just go off on her. But she has packed up all her penises so she’s ready to just let her hair down!

At the airport the girls tell Tamra they’re going to Mexico! The women land, and in the limo on the way to the hotel, Vicki is clearly getting on Gretchen’s nerves. Vicki wants to “woop it up” all day, everyday like sorority girls on Spring Break, and Gretchen is not having it! The penises start coming out and Lydia who is all about Jesus, just seems so uninvested. Why is she on this show?

First on the itinerary is dinner – which is a total bust! Geather has chosen a classy restaurant and everyone is bored. Vicki is ready to “WOOP IT UP!” and get Housewife wasted, but everyone is just quiet and ready to go to bed at dinner. Gretchen keeps calling Vicki a “slut whore” but won’t do it to her face because it’s Tamra’s weekend.

After dinner Vicki sneaks Tamra and Lydia out to her favorite bar. They ditch Gretchen and Heather who are left behind waiting in the limo. It was kind of rude, but Tamra and Vicki are bonding and having fun, so it’s nice to see them revisit the good old days!

Next week, Gretchen will spill to Heather what she heard from Lauri, and she will reach a boiling point causing her to pop off on Vicki. More Mexico madness to ensue!

Now, let’s discuss this week’s show! Do you buy what Lauri is selling? Is Gretchen taking this too far? Shouldn’t she just shrug it off? What about the Alexis and Tamra conversation? Do you think Tamra was being genuine in wanting to move forward with Alexis?

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