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The time has FINALLY come! The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and the season premiere did not disappoint! As most of you know, New Jersey is probably my favorite out of the franchise. I think it’s because I’m so close with my family and consider all my cousins brothers/sisters so I hate seeing families that are totally torn apart especially on a reality show! It’s always hard, irritating, and especially draining to watch! So let’s begin!

New Jersey opens up with the outcome of Hurricane Sandy which destroyed both Melissa and Teresa’s Jersey home. Thank God that they only use that home in the Summer and have a more stable place to live in. We see Teresa and Joe Giudice together and there relationship looks a lot better than it did when we last saw them on the show. I think it’s great that despite the bad, Teresa works on her marriage instead of walking away from it like many do.

My favorite part was seeing Milania! Teresa is at the houses with the girls and Milania tells her mother that she misses her cousin Antonia and her uncle and aunt. She even happens to forget one of Melissa’s children’s name which is heartbreaking. They haven’t seen each other for over a year and it’s caused Milania to forget one of her own families name! And it’s all because of each and everyone of the parents who allow this to continue. I personally think because Joe Gorga is the man, he should have reached out to his sister after Sandy Hurricane occurred to make sure she was okay.

Jacqueline’s back at her home and the positives of Sandy Hurricane was she got to stay at home with Nicolas and teach him a lot of things. It was hard to see him struggle as he wanted to reach out and get the iPad. I can’t imagine how Jacqueline deals with it but she seems like she’s doing a wonderful job and for that I commend her.

Melissa is at her house and reveals that Antonia wrote a letter to her cousin Milania who she misses desperately. Melissa decides to mail that over to Teresa’s house which was a nice gesture. Melissa reveals she doesn’t want to keep her kids away from Teresa’s which I found odd. Melissa was the same person who said at the reunion that Teresa will never see her children and she was okay with that. Melissa was acting like she was bothered that the kids don’t see each other but she’s the one who supposedly is moving to get the kids away from each other?

We then see Kathy Wakile with her mother and sister. Honestly, I cringe watching this part of the show because it’s the least interesting and I’m still confused as to how Kathy is still on the show. Rosie who oddly has a part of the show as well says that when she gets “pissed” she’s a crazy b*tch and I’d like to point out that’s an understatement. I’m surprised Rosie doesn’t get as much crap as she should for saying the most horrific things. If you don’t know what I’m talking about-just look back at the reunion last season!

Milania finally receives Antonia’s letter and she’s all smiles! Teresa says they should all go on a play date and that way they can also give Antonia her birthday present! Gia reveals that Melissa decided to throw Antonia a birthday party without inviting Teresa’s family! Milania is shocked and you could tell she hopes it’s not true. I think it’s so wrong of Melissa not to invite Teresa’s children. I find it absolutely selfish and Teresa’s children are the only young cousins Antonia has! No matter where they were at in their relationship, she should have had the decency to call up and say, ‘I want Antonia’s cousins there because I know Antonia would want that.’ It’s really upsetting to see Gia witness all this family drama. Say what you want but she’s older now and she understands just as much as we do.

Caroline has decided to downsize her home so she rented out an apartment with an amazing view to see how things go. It’s odd to see Caroline go from a mansion to an apartment but I understand why she wants to downsize being that her boys are out of the house and Lauren will probably get married soon. Still, I think if they do downsize it should at least be to a smaller home. Melissa and Joe decide to visit Caroline at her new apartment and that’s when Melissa decides of all days to text Teresa regarding the play date. Melissa says that she doesn’t feel comfortable dropping her daughter off to Teresa’s home and Joe Gorga sits there saying nothing. Caroline Manzo just gives Melissa a weird look and I think Caroline is starting to understand that Melissa may be a bigger problem than she once thought. I think it’s insulting that Melissa would instead ask Teresa if she could take the girls and think it just proves that Melissa is okay with dragging out the drama. Caroline obviously didn’t want to be talking about Teresa at her apartment and Melissa probably wasn’t thrilled with Caroline’s reaction. I believe Caroline is finally seeing that Melissa kind of hurts the situation more.

Gia and Teresa go clothes shopping and I couldn’t contain myself from laughing! Gia has grown so much and she’s matured quite a bit! Gia opens up about liking a boy and I can’t imagine how that made Teresa feel! Being told your little girl likes a boy for the first time must be miserable. Teresa and Melissa are still texting about this play date and Gia advises Teresa to go on the play date with them which I thought was a good idea since Melissa wasn’t budging about Antonia coming over. Gia even took Teresa’s phone to text for her. Melissa is probably going to make the biggest deal out of that but I don’t think it was a big deal at all being that Teresa isn’t phone savvy and Gia is.

It’s time for the play date and Melissa decided to have the girls go and make jewelry which Milania isn’t excited about. On there way there, Teresa’s hubby calls and refers to Melissa as a horsey face in front of Milania and you could tell Teresa is irritated by his remark. Joe Giudice needs to learn when to zip it! Finally, Milania and Antonia reunite and it was extra special to watch. They truly love each other. Teresa and Milania give Antonia her birthday gift which was an iPod 5 and instead of Melissa being thankful she complains about the gift. Melissa should be happy that they still bought her a gift even after not being invited to the birthday! Melissa made the whole play date go horrible with complaining about how the girls made their own jewelry! Melissa continues to make everything awkward. The girls are having the time of there life just being with each other and Melissa is making everything miserable. Teresa is noticing and just wants Melissa to let the kids be kids and let them do what they want! They then bring up the girls communion parties where they realize that Gabriella and Antonia’s fall on the same day. Melissa obviously won’t change her day and Teresa says she’ll try everything she could to change Gabriella’s day so that she could attend Antonia’s communion. Teresa is being the bigger person while Melissa is just…not. The girls want to grab some food together and Teresa seems like she wants to have it happen but Melissa isn’t having it and says no. It was sad to see the girls say there goodbyes because you know they didn’t want too!

Caroline Manzo calls Joe Gorga and says she wants to have a talk with him without Melissa. Caroline and Joe have a bond. There’s no denying that. It’s obvious Caroline is starting to see how Melissa really is when it comes to the drama regarding Joe’s family. Joe tells Melissa that he is going to meet with Caroline and Melissa is not happy especially because she’s not invited! It was laughable that Melissa is NOW saying that Caroline needs to stay out of their family drama. Melissa didn’t say that last season when Caroline had Melissa’s back and bashed Teresa? Joe and Caroline meet up and Joe says Caroline is the sister he never had. It’s so sad that he could say that knowing how much Teresa truly loves him. Joe wants Caroline to speak to Teresa and she agrees!

Next week we will see Caroline and Teresa meet for the very first time since the reunion. So tell me, how did you like the season premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Let’s Discuss!

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