Lydia McLaughlin Discusses Why She’s Concerned About Her Mother’s Pot Smoking!



Bravo just loooooves a fun, quirky and unique mom on their shows! Real Housewives of Orange County‘s current season features new housewife Lydia McLaughlin and one of her story lines is dealing with her mother’s pot smoking ways.

On this week’s episode, we saw Lydia struggle to deal with the fact that her mother likes to hit the pipe. Although Judy has been smoking weed since Lydia was a child, Lydia reveals that it was the source of some tension that has come back to haunt her now that Judy lives across the street and wants to be around Lydia’s sons more often.

Lydia takes to her Bravo blog this week to open up about why this is such an issue for her. She talks about pot not being a huge deal and that it won’t harm her relationship with her mother, but that it will be an issue if she is around the young boys. Lydia writes:

The scene with my mom is a very hard scene to watch and even comment on. I don’t want viewers thinking my mom was, or is, a bad mother. She is the greatest mom and I love her. We are very close and one day I hope to have the kind of relationship I have with her with my own children. She is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. I talk to her everyday and rely on her so much. . .probably too much for a 32 year old! Hey, we are Italian!

Her smoking is the one area of conflict in our relationship. Growing up, it was a source of tension. Once I left the home and became an adult, it really became a moot issue and we stopped fighting about it. However, once she moved across the street, and I had children, I started to get an opinion about it again. I am coming from a place of love. I want my mother around to see my kids grow up. My boys adore her and if she could get even get one extra day with them if she stopped smoking, I will fight for that. She has a cough that worries me. I want her healthy and happy and I think that can happen. I don’t think I am being judgmental or telling her what to do. I have an opinion and I am letting her know what it is. I am not saying she is a horrible mother or a bad person for smoking. I am simply telling her my concerns. I am clearly frustrated but this is a complex issue full of years of drama. At the end of the day, I love my mother.

Personally, the smoking of weed is not really a big issue and nobody’s business except the person holding the bong. I would be more concerned if my mom did hard drugs or even had a drinking problem, but I do see where Lydia is coming from! I would not want my mom smoking pot if she was going to be around my kids as well.

Do you think Lydia is overreacting, or is she right in being cautious about the possibility of her mom being stoned around her boys?

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